Series 9 - Elimination - 2 (Result) - Recap

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Results Time and for Nicole and The Boys: James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas, Rylan Clarke, Tulisa and The Girls: Ella Henderson, Lucy Spraggan and Jade Ellis, Gary and The Over28s: Kye Sones, Melanie Masson and Christopher Maloney and Louis and The Groups: “MK1”, “District 3” and “Union J” it could be the end of the road. Dermot comes out and says that they have Rebecca Ferguson and Taylor Swift performing tonight.

Rebecca Ferguson performs on stage with her new single and shows why she has the successes she has received and is great. Afterward, Dermot talks to her and she says that she knows what they are going through.

Taylor Swift performs on the stage and shows what it means to be a top recording artist in today’s music industry. She sings her hit single “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. Afterward, Dermot talks to her and she says that she still gets nervous on stage, but it helps to have a great crowd.

The results are in and the acts definitely safe are: James Arthur, Lucy Spraggan, “Union J”, Ella Henderson, Jahmene Douglas, Christopher Maloney, “MK1”, Jade Ellis, Rylan Clark and Kye Sones. This means that District 3 and Melanie Masson are in the Bottom Two.

“District 3” come out and sing for their life on the stage. They sing “Everything I Do, I Do For You”.

Melanie Masson comes out on stage and sings for her life on the stage. She sings her best as she sings “Stay With Me”.

The judges are going to have to choose their pick and Louis says that he is sending home Melanie Masson. Tulisa says that she has sends home Melanie Masson. Gary says that he has to send home “District 3”. Nicole decides to send home “District 3”. They go to deadlock again and the act going home is Melanie Masson.