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Series 9 - Elimination - 4 - Recap

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With “MK1” out of the running for the big prize, it is up to The Boys: James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas, Rylan Clarke, Tulisa and The Girls: Ella Henderson, Lucy Spraggan and Jade Ellis, Gary and The Over28s: Kye Sones and Christopher Maloney and Louis and The Groups: “District 3” and “Union J” to take home the prize. Tonight is Halloween Week and no one is safe. Dermot comes out and welcomes the crowd. Lucy will not be performing due to sickness. They kick off the performances.

First up for the night is Kye Sones. He says that he wants to sing a Robbie Williams song and he has Robbie give him some pointers. He doesn’t want to be in the Bottom Two and will give it his all. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Nicole says that was a great way to open the show and says that his dance moves won her over. Louis says that he has worked everything and hopes that it was enough. Tulisa says that he put everything into that and says that there is an improvement. Gary says that he came back with a boom and says that was great.

Next up is “Union J”. They say that their week is crazy and they have to learn the choreography, song and style. They show how they have been moving around all week and have put in the practice. They come out and sing. Afterward, Tulisa says that the vocals were strong tonight, but they haven’t shown that they can be better. Gary says that they need something different next week. Nicole says that was absolute perfection because they all owned the stage. Louis says that it was great, but they can perform more. He says that they were great.

Rylan Clarke is up next. He meets with Robbie Williams who says that he is for supporting Rylan. It was Rylan’s birthday last week and Nicole surprises him wearing a latex corset. Kye says that it’s his birthday as well. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Louis says that he gets the entertainment factor of this and says that he owned the stage. Tulisa says that he may not have the strongest voice, but he performs at his best. Gary says that the music was so loud that he couldn’t hear him sing, which is good. Nicole says that it was fun and that is how they want it.

Up next is Ella Henderson. She gets to meet Robbie and she tells him that she is embracing it and she can’t believe on how her life has changed. She says that she is living her dream. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Gary says that her voice is incredible. The song choice isn’t his favorite but he still liked it. Nicole says that this is the worst performance of hers. Louis says that he liked how she took the risk and says that she is versatile. Tulisa says that she always makes songs her own and it was great.

Christopher Maloney is last up fro Gary’s group. He says that he enjoyed every moment of last week. They take a look back at Week 1 to now and Gary says his nerves never fail him. He says that he can’t believe that people are voting for him. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Nicole says that was fun and says that it looked like an 80’s Party and says that he was great in the vocals. Louis says that he is like a cabaret singer. Tulisa says that the vocals were strong, but says that Gary keeps allowing him to destroy the classics. Gary insults Tulisa’s breath and says that he did a great job. Tulisa says that Gary has to lay off the Red Wine.

Last up for Louis’ group is “District 3”. They say that they don’t want to be in the Bottom Two again. Robbie Williams meets with them and tells them that they were relaxed last week. He tells them that the faces that they make are strange. They come out and sing. Afterward, Tulisa says that they lost control of the vocals when they got into the dance moves. All in all it was a good performance though. Gary says that this was a musical mess and says that he thought that they were coming back. Nicole says that the harmonies were supposed to be there. Louis admits that it wasn’t the best this week, but there is something special about them.

Jahmene Douglas is next. He says that he was emotional last week and hopes to impress people. He got to perform for Samuel L. Jackson and that brought his spirits back up. He comes out and performs. Afterward, Louis says that he is the best singer in this competition and says that he is a recording artist. Tulisa says that he is a little muffin and says that she cannot find a negative critique. Gary says that his tone is so good and says that he can take on any singers. Nicole says that was so beautiful. She says that it was an honest performance.

Jade Ellis is last up for Tulisa’s group. They go to the premiere of Skyfall and Jade is shocked. She got to go home this week and Tulisa goes up to her. She says that she is loving every moment of this. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Gary says that he loved the energy but the vocals were weak. Nicole says that was frightening and says that she didn’t get it. She says that she was awkward. Louis says that the song was a bad song choice for her. Tulisa says that she is taking the risk to try something different and says that she was great.

Last up for the night and last for Nicole’s group is James Arthur. He says that he has been having fun and he got to meet Labyrinth and was invited to a gig that he has. He comes out there and plays with Labyrinth. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Louis says that he loved it and says that he is a dark and tense performer. Tulisa says that is how he makes a song modern and says that he has a urban edge to him and says that he has going to the Finals. Gary says that it is clear that he wants to win this and says that it was brilliant. Nicole says that he is an international recording artist. That is it for the performances.