Series 9 - Elimination - 6 - Recap

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With the elimination of Kye Sones last week, this week The Boys: James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas, Rylan Clarke, Tulisa and The Girls: Ella Henderson, Gary and The Over28s: Christopher Maloney and Louis and The Groups: “District 3” and “Union J” are going to sing “Best of British”. Plus “One Direction” is performing tonight! They talk about their acts and they are happy with their acts.

First up for the night is Christopher Maloney. He says that people are writing things about how he votes for himself. They agree that they are going to sing “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John. Gary says that he wants him to practice it. He gets out on stage and performs it. Afterward, Nicole says that she liked the confidence and says that she liked the performance. She says that he sounds great, but he is a karaoke king. Louis says that it was just karaoke and is not what the X Factor is all about. Tulisa says that she is getting bored of telling him that she didn’t like it. Tulisa says that he is not relevant. Gary says that he shocked him this week and it was well done.

Next up is Jahmene Douglas. He says that he thought that his performance was quite bad last week. Nicole says that he is going to have to believe in himself. She has Jahmene talk to Jennifer Hudson on the phone and she tells him that he is great. He comes out and sings “Angels” by Robbie Williams. Afterward, Louis says that he has so much soul and says that it was great. Tulisa says that is how you take an old school classic and make it his own. Gary says that he never heard that song sung like that and says that it was amazing. Nicole says that he moves her and stirs her so much. Once he realizes his capacity, he will be unstoppable.

“District 3” is up next. They need to get better comments from the judges. They realize what they have to do and that they need to go back to simplicity. They are going to sing “Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton. They come out on stage and sing. Afterward, Tulisa says that it was a great to strip everything back and it was beautiful. Gary says that it was a great vocal, but there is something dated about them. Nicole says that they brought tears to her eyes and says that she loves this song. It was a beautiful arrangement. Louis says that he knows that the public are going to vote them through.

Next up is Ella Henderson. She got to meet Kim Kardashian and Kourtney. She is the last girl left. This week she is going sing “Written In the Stars” by Tiny Tempah. She cut the song up and will make it her own. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Gary says that they are not going to lose her this week and says that it was amazing. Nicole says that she is one righteous babe. She says that there is one note though. The second half needed to be held out longer. Louis says that she is an old soul trapped in a young body and compares her to Leona Lewis. Tulisa says that it was another epic performance from her. She loved it.

Rylan Clark comes out next. He says that he doesn’t want to be in the Bottom Two again and wants to sing a mash up of the Spice Girls. Geri Halliwell comes in and hugs Rylan. They have fun getting some dance moves out. He comes out on stage and sings. Afterward, Louis says that was a brilliant memory and says that he loved it. Tulisa says that it was like the closing ceremony of the Olympics all over again. Gary says that on the subject of fun, it was brilliant, but on the subject of vocals it was diabolical. Nicole says that she is all about having fun.

Up last for the Louis and the Groups is “Union J”. They want to strip back and they are going to dedicate this to the Armed Forces. They talk about how their family is all in the services. They come out and sing “Fix You” by Coldplay. Afterward, Tulisa says that Louis is on a roll tonight and says that it was brilliant. However, it is a battle of the boy bands and she can’t call it. Gary says that they sang it well, but they need to work on their blend. They look right though. Nicole says thank you for recognizing the Armed Forces. She says that she loved it. Louis says that it is a pleasure to work with them and calls for votes.

Last up for the Nicole and the Boys and last for the night is James Arthur. He says that he has never good with the compliments. He says that he is going to sing “Hometown Glory” by Adele. He says that he misses his family. He says that he wants to win this and Nicole brings his sister to rehearsals. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Louis says that it is great to have him in the competition and says that he is great. Tulisa says that she loves how he puts his own spin on the songs and says that he is incredible. Gary says that was just brilliant and says that he is ready right now to record. Nicole says that he is the future of music and she loved how he did it.

“One Direction” comes out and sings their new single. They show that they have what it takes to be an international boy band. Afterward, Dermot comes out and talks to them. They tell about their success. That is it for the performances! Tomorrow are the results!