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Series 9 - Elimination - 7 - Recap

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With the elimination of “District 3”, it is down to The Boys: James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas, Rylan Clarke, Tulisa and Ella Henderson, Gary and Christopher Maloney and Louis and “Union J” to win it. Tonight is “Guilty Pleasures” Week.

They kick off the night with the last of Louis’ group “Union J”. They are certain that they are going to come back fighting. They are going to Paris and perform at Disneyland. They had fun and now want to show that they can stay. Their “Guilty Pleasure is “Call Me Maybe”. They come out and sing. Afterward, Tulisa says that she is not a fan of that song, but says that they sounded great and good energy. They needed more. Gary says that he loved it. He says that they have won the battle of the boy bands and now they have to win it. Nicole says that they sounded really good, but they have to be more creative with their staging. Louis says they have great voices and energy.

Next up is last of Tulisa’s group, Ella Henderson. She says that she loved to perform at Disneyland Paris and says that it was great. She got to go to the “Twilight” premiere as well. She wants to give it her all. Her “Guilty Pleasure” is “You’re The One That I Want”. She comes out and sings it as a ballad. Afterward, Gary says that was her best performance. He says that he loved it. Nicole says that she is special and says that she didn’t like the song choice, but her voice sounded glorious. Louis says that he loved it and says that she is going to be selling millions of records. Tulisa she did a great job and is a little star.

James Arthur is next up. James got to go to Paris as well and he says that he felt at home. He also got to hang out with Rylan and says that he had fun seeing the lighter side of things. His “Guilty Pleasure” is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”. Afterward, Louis says that the song was a bit safe, but says that it was great. Tulisa says that it was great and it seemed like she was at his concert. Gary says that he wants him to win this and says that he loves everything about him. Nicole says that he is mesmerizing and says that he is so inspiring.

Next up is Rylan Clark. He says that last week was great and this week they got to go to Disneyland Paris. He had fun and in rehearsals, he struggles with some of the props. His “Guilty Pleasure” is “Girls On Film” and “When Will I Be Famous”. Afterward, Louis says that he is a household name and says that he is a great performer. Tulisa says that wasn’t one of her favourites. She still loves him though. Gary says the good news is that he is famous, but this is going nowhere. Nicole says that there is no other singer who can sing and workout. Dermot brings up Rylan’s old boy band and how they sang a song from “Take That”. Gary asks which member he was and Rylan says that he was too skinny to be Gary. They laugh.

Next up is the last of Gary’s group, Christopher Maloney. He says that he is going to have to keep getting bad comments. He says that he had a lot of fun in Paris and says that he is going to try his best as he does all the time. His “Guilty Pleasure” song is “Total Elipse of The Heart”. Nicole says that was a lot to take in. She says that he sounded really nice. Louis says that he must be doing something right. Tulisa says that he is persistent and says that he sounded really good. Gary says that it was great tonight and is always a pleasure.

Last for Nicole’s group and last for the night is Jahmene Douglas. He says that he loved last week and says that it is incredible. He had fun in Paris and says that it is nice to be around everyone. His “Guilty Pleasure” is “Set Me Free”. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Louis says that he is his favorite performer and says that it was great. Tulisa says that she is running out of ways to kiss his butt and says that he has changed for the better through this. Gary says that his talent is ridiculous and says that it is incredible. Nicole says that he was sick this week and still he fought through it and says that it was amazing. That is it for the performances!