Series 9 - Final - Recap

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The Finals are here and James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas and Christopher Maloney are going to have to give it their all in front of 10,000 people. With the prize of 100,000 and a recording contract on the line, the pressure is on. Dermot O’Leary comes out and says that the acts are going to have to sing for their lives. They also have Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora and Kelly Clarkson performing tonight. The night kicks off with the finalists of the season coming out and singing a medley of hits. Lucy Spraggan is among them. The final 3 come out. After the performance, Dermott talks to the Final 3 and they say that they are excited to be in the Finals. One act will be leaving the competition tonight.

Jahmene Douglas is up first for the night. They got to go to their home town in a helicopter ride. He says that it was a lot of fun. They go to his former workplace. They stopped by the church and says that he hasn’t been back for a while. To finish off the time in his hometown, he got to perform in front of 28,000 people. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Louis says that he has so much soul and says that he is amazing. Tulisa says that it is amazing how far he has come and says that he deserves to be here. Gary says that he wasn’t a fan of the song choice, but he has shown everyone what a great performer he is. Nicole says that it is good to see him loosen up and says that it a way to open the Finals.

Christopher Maloney comes out next. They got to go back to his hometown and says that he can’t believe it. He goes back to the call-center where he worked. He says that his life has changed so much. He goes back to his neighborhood and everyone is there to support him. Gary joins him too. They go to his Nan’s home and they have fun time. He ended his time with a performance at the theater. He comes out on stage and sings. Afterward, Nicole says that it is not easy what he did up there and says that he should be proud. Louis says that he is the people’s champion and says that he loved the high notes there. Tulisa says that he has come a long way and says that he is a fighter. Gary says that he is back there because everyone votes for him. Despite all the criticism, he came back fighting.

James Arthur is next. He got to go back to his hometown and he has fun getting back to where he came from. The VIC was the first spot and he has missed it. They go back to his place and Nicole is shocked on how small his place is. He says that life was hell for him before the X Factor. He says that he has been given a second chance. He finishes his home visit to an epic crowd of people and he performed in front of them. He comes out on stage and sings. Afterward, Louis says that was incredible and says that every week he brings something new to the show. Tulisa says that he is everything that this competition and everyone should be proud of him. Gary says that the last 10 weeks they were judging until he comes in and he becomes an audience member. He says that he came through. Nicole says that he is a fighter, a soldier and a massive superstar.

Kelly Clarkson comes out and sings “Breakaway” as they play the journey of the X Factor this season. She shows what it takes to be a recording artist that has had multiple successes.

Jahmene Douglas and Nicole Sherzinger come out to perform a duet. Jahmene says that Nicole is like a sister and says that it is nice to know that she is there. They come out and sings “The Greatest Love Of All”. They have a mic malfunction and are forced to use one microphone between the two of them. Afterward, Dermott apologizes about the malfunction.

Christopher Maloney and Gary Barlow come out to perform a duet. Christopher says that this is the best moment of his life and Gary says that he is grateful that he was a wildcard pick. They come out and sing “Rule The World”.

James Arthur and Nicole Scherzinger come out and perform a duet. James says that he is happy to see that Nicole is putting out records and it is great to have her as a mentor. Nicole says that he has been the easiest person to work with and he thanks her for sticking by him. They come out and sing “Make You Feel My Love”.

Rita Ora comes to the X Factor stage and performs her new single “Open Arms”. She shows that she has what it takes to make it into the recording industry. Afterward, Dermott talks to her and she says that she has been watching it from the beginning and says that everyone is doing a great job. She tells the finalists to have fun.

Kylie Minongue comes out and performs her hit single on the stage. She shows that despite all the success, she can have fun and is a great singer. Afterward, Dermott talks to her about they have fun with the dancers at the end who are just standing there. She says that she has been having fun.

The results are in and one contestant will be leaving the competition tonight. The Final 3 come to the center of the stage to find out who is going home. The first act through to the next round tomorrow night is Jahmene Douglas. The other act through to tomorrow is James Arthur. The contestant in 3rd place and thus leaving the competition is Christopher Maloney. Tomorrow a winner will be crowned!