Series 10 - Auditions 1 - Recap

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For the tenth season of X Factor, the show is shaking things up and having double auditions. The judges for this season are Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger, and Gary Barlow. They are in the search for this year's biggest star. Double auditions means that the first audition will be in front of just the judges and if they pass that, the second audition will be in the arena in front of 4,000 people. The first set of auditions will take place in Cardiff.

The first contestant up is a young man named Luke Friend. He sings "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. The judges all agree that they like Luke and his singing, so they pass him on to the second audition.
The second contestant is another young student, Alejandro Fernandez. All of the judges but Louis vote for him to continue on.

Tom Mann, a children's football coach, sings and plays his guitar for the judges. The judges all decide yes and children come running in to hug Tom.

J Star, a part time model, has big plans for himself. He sees himself winning the competition but as soon as he opens his mouth the judges start laughing. The judges agree that it was the strangest version of the song they have ever heard and all vote no.

Fil Henley, a guitar teacher, looks more rock and roll than more contestants but he still lives at home with his mum. She even packed him sandwiches for the day. While he plays guitar he walks around strangely. The judges think he isn't rock and sings pop. Only Nicole votes yes so he doesn't pass on. They talk it over and call Fil back in and tell him if he acts more rock and roll they would be happy to have him continue on. Next up is, Christian, a waiter who isn't wearing pants and is a terrible singer.

The judges and contestants alike are happy to have Sharon back because of how unpredictable she is. They find it difficult to say no but there are a large number of people who can't sing.

Silver Rock are a duo of girls who have been singing together for only a week. The judges don't expect much since they have just started together. They sing good but the judges don't think they work together and ask them to sing separately. The judges decide they don't work as a duo but say they can go on as solo artists. They will face a lot of competition from other women. Siana Schofield and Rielle Carrington are just two of the girls who have made it through to the second audition.

Hannah Barrett cries before her audition when she talks about her mom and life. She was kicked out of her house and now lives on accommodations for young teens. The judges think she is amazing and sending her to the second audition is an easy choice.

The next contestant is a group of girls known as Euphoria Girls. They describe themselves as a PG version of Pussycat Dolls. They have been singing and dancing since they were young. Sharon says it felt too much like a recital but they are adorable. Gary doesn't like them though and votes no. Everyone else likes them though and votes yes. Louis tells them to make Gary eat his words.

Euphoria Girls aren't the only ones who need positive support from Nicole. Gary hates Raluca and Christina, Alex Baldwin, James Nakasan, Elizabeth Myers, and Frank Justmann, while Nicole tries to find the positive in everyone.

Luke Britnell, a Justin Bieber tribute act, sings his own song. The judges love his original song, even Gary. The vote is a unanimous yes.

Sam Bailey, a prison officer, feels that she may be too old for the competition at 35 years old but wants to give it a chance anyway. She chooses to sing "Listen" by Beyonce. She surprises the judges with her amazing voice. The judges say it's an obvious yes for Sam and look forward to seeing her at the second audition.