Series 10 - Auditions 2 - Recap

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Contestants and crew both prepare for the stadium audition. The room was tough but the arena will be a whole other level. Everyone is very nervous about their upcoming audition in front of thousands of fans.

Sam Bailey felt weird going back to her prison officer job after the first audition. She really wants to show her family that she can do it. Sam has a strong start to the arena audition for Cardiff. The audience cheers enthusiastically for her and even gives her a standing ovation. The judges are amazed with her performance and all of them vote yes. Her family rushes on stage to congratulate her.

Up next is Hannah Barrett. Louis points out that she looks a little nervous and Hannah admits that she is. When she starts singing the crowd immediately starts to cheer. Sharon says she has a wonderful voice for a 17-year-old who sells sausage rolls. The judges all vote yes.

Luke Britnell, the Justin Bieber tribute singer, is nervous but looking forward to his audition. He plays guitar and sings "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk. The judges make cringing faces when his performance isn't as good as his room audition. The judges feel that his range is limited and performed his vocals badly. Nicole and Louis say yes but Sharon and Gary vote no and tell him to audition again next year.

Alejandro Fernandez worries about Gary. Gary hated him at the first audition and this makes Alejandro nervous. He sings "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. Halfway through he sings a part of the song in Spanish and impresses some of the judges. The crowd loves it along with Nicole and Sharon. They both vote yes and Louis agrees with them. Gary votes yes, he doesn't think Alejandro has the best voice but he is full of charisma.

Gary says that the judges gave out a lot of advice during the room auditions and if the contestants were wise they will use it. One who would be smart to take their advice is Fil Henley. He was voted out but has been given a second chance. He's wearing fake tattoos and wants to make a good impression. The judges are confused at first when Fil leaves the stage, but he returns without his shirt and playing a guitar. Fil walks through the crowd during his audition. The audience and judges aren't really sure what to think. He jumps on their desk and smashes some glasses of water. Gary splashes his drink on Fil. The judges all vote no and Gary thinks it was even worse than the first performance.

The two girls that auditioned together as Silver Rock are about to audition separately. The first to go is Jerrie, who has been practicing nonstop. Her audition does not go well. None of the judges like her audition but Nicole and Louis still vote yes. Unfortunately it isn't enough to get her through. Nicole says that Jerrie is not ready to perform on her own.

The other half of Silver Rock is ready to audition. Tamera is only 16 and has only performed at school performances. She has chosen to sing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," and starts off well, but freezes up after the first line. Tamara asks for a few moments to regather herself because she has forgotten the words and goes backstage to talk to her family. She comes back to restart the song. this time she remembers all of the words. Tamara has a powerful voice but she has a few moments where she stumbles over the words. The audience gives her a standing ovation after she finishes. Gary says that while it wasn't perfect, she has enormous potential. Sharon and Nicole think she is amazing. Louis also thinks she is incredible. Everyone votes yes and Sharon threatens to smack her with a stick if she forgets her words in boot camp.