Series 10 - Auditions 3 - Recap

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From their homes, Tamera Foster, Sam Bailey, and Hannah Barrett celebrate their auditions from last week. This week's auditions will take place in Manchester.

The first up to audition is Chloe O'Gorman who has been waiting her whole life for this chance. The judges all vote yes and she runs away, overjoyed.

Barclay Beales plays guitar while he sings an interesting mix of yodeling and singing. He receives all yes votes for his interesting singing. After he leaves the room, the judges try out their yodels.

Everyone is excited to be at the competition except for 54-year-old Thomas. He is auditioning to share his vocal/dj abilities. He has some trouble setting up his laptop to play his backing track. The judges cringe when it turns out he is a terrible singer and they vote him away.

Relley C works as a housekeeper but really wants to sing for a living. She surprises the judges with her voice and they think she has a great future. They all vote yes and tell her that she is done housekeeping.

Relley isn't the only one competitor who hopes they can have a new future singing. Shelley Smith wants to sing rather than be a van driver. Ryan Mathie works as a garbage truck mechanic but would rather sing. Both of these singers receive all yes votes from the judges.

Stuart Manson doesn't look like your average contestant but he's hoping to make a good impression. He trips over the platform as he walks into the room. He works as a surgeon but he loves to sing. The judges laugh and think it's bizarre, and that he needs to work on his singing.

Abi Alton's dad is her best friend and greatest fan. He has come to the audition to support her. She has been singing since she was 14. Gary thinks she is perfect for the show but Louis isn't so sure. He does think she is a great singer though. Sharon says it is a definite yes and thinks she is very unique. Abi returns to hug her dad and the other contestants around applaud her.

Colin Stacey couldn't bring his biggest supporter with him to audition so he brought a framed photo. His greatest fan is his cat, Patch. Next to the photo of Patch, Colin dances as he sings. Nicole and Gary sing along with Colin when it becomes obvious that he isn't a good singer. Louis tells Colin that he should just keep singing as a hobby.

Jade Richards was previously on The X Factor in 2011 and she is back for more. She has practiced a lot and has improved drastically. Gary worries that she might lose again but he thinks she has a chance and votes yes along with the other judges.

Amy Mottram made it to the judge's house audition last year and is back to try again. Nicole thinks she is a star and thanks her for coming back.

Next up is a trio of girls known as the Dolly Rockers. They were actually on the show in 2006 and they are back with a new member. The judges easily vote yes for them.

Melanie McCabe is auditioning for the fourth time. Each time she was kicked off the show was devastating but she really wants this. Melanie thinks that this time she will be herself more and that is what will help her advance further. When she finishes her song, the other contestants in the waiting room cheer for her. Gary thinks she had the best audition of the day. Louis gets emotional and wants her to have this so bad. Everyone votes yes for her and thinks she will go far.

The judges prepare to see how all of the contestants will perform at the arena the next night.