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Series 10 - Auditions 4 - Recap

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The contestants who are moving on to the second audition have been living their lives regularly and preparing for the most important audition of their lives. The arena audition will be in fornt of 4,000 fans. They are all hoping for this to be their big shot at fame and fortune.

Shelley Smith is the first one up to sing. Since her audition she has been back at her job and hating it. Her singing blows the audience and judges away. She receives a standing ovation from the audience. Nicole says the song was perfect for her and Sharon says she is so sassy and deserves a night out. Louis says she has it all and is a great entertainer in addition to being a great singer. Gary leads them in voting yes and sending her to the boot camp.

Those who aren't having their first audition feel even more pressure. One of those is Jade Richards who made it to the judge's houses in 2011. During her performance, Gary cuts her short and says that she has no passion while she sings. Sharon agrees and says she disconnects from the audience when she sings. Even with their reservations about Jade, all of the judges vote yes for her.

Another group who are re-auditioning are the Dolly Rockers. Gary also cuts them short and tells them they need to make drastic changes to win a competition like this. They are voted out for not being good enough.

Melanie McCabe is auditioning for her fourth time and she's very nervous. Her family is losing their house and she really needs something good to happen. This is the last time she will try out. She asks for the song to be started again after missing her first line. On her second attempt she does much better. It takes her a little to warm up but the audience loves her. Sharon and Gary both think that she will go on to great things. Louis wants her to be a star. They all have an easy time voting yes for Melanie.

Before Barclay Beales comes on stage he lets out a yodel for Nicole, who loves his yodelling. He announces he is singing a One Direction song and the crowd goes wild. Nicole says it is awesome how easy Barclay makes the yodelling sound so easy. Gary likes the yodel but thinks his singing isn't as good. Louis says even without the yodel he has star quality. They all vote yes, even Gary.

Luke Friend is up next and he still hasn't washed his hair. He receives a standing ovation and all yes votes from the judges. Tom Mann impresses the crowd, especially the girls, during his performance. He also moves onto the next stage.

Euphoria Girls have changed their outfits and choreography to be more edgy. They didn't want to change themselves but try to adapt their image. Their performance goes much worse than last time and the audience can be seen laughing to themselves. The judges think they aren't what they are looking for and the girls aren't ready yet. Louis and Sharon think they have potential and vote yes but Gary and Nicole vote them out.

Relley C starts off with unexpectedly rough singing. The judges look at each other confused and Nicole stops the music. The judges say she is capable of much better and believe she is good. Even with the bad audition all of the judges vote yes for her.

Abi Alton is nervous about her big chance to sing in front of the crowd. She is going to sing an original song about being heartbroken. At the end of the song the crowd gives her a standing ovation and she starts to cry. The judges loved her audition and find no difficulty in voting her through to the next round. She even manages to change Louis' mind about her.