Series 10 - Auditions 5 - Recap

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The first up to audition is a band of five boys named Kingsland. They live in a crowded apartment in order to save money. When Louis asks what band they want to be as big as they immediately point to Gary and say Take That. They sing "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia. The judges like their sound but Sharon says they need to work on the way they look. Nicole thinks they are the first group where every member can sing. The judges all vote yes and look forward to seeing them perform in front of an audience. They promise to keep practicing before the arena auditions.

Kingsland is not the only group to audition. Up next is Brick City, a group of four. Sharon thinks they have something there but tells them not to be too slick and to relax more. All of the judges vote yes and can't wait to see the arena audition.

The next group to audition is Rough Copy, who made it through to the judge's houses lst year but couldn't go due to visa issues. The group sings a personalized song to the judges and they clap when the song is done. Rough Copy receives four yes votes and they hope they do better than last year.

Unfortunately for the judges, not all the groups that audition will be as talented as some. A very enthusiastic group enters the room, singing and jumping. Liddia and Ryan are a strange duo that fail to impress the judges with their singing. Sharon thinks that their performance is a joke but Liddia and Ryan say they are serious. Gary says they don't have a voice between them and they have no future singing. Louis tells them they are the two most deluded contestants. After everyone votes no, Ryan insults Gary, who just laughs at him.

One contestant gets a last-minute pep talk from his parents. Giles Potter is very excited to be at the competition and says he has been waiting his entire life to audition. His happiness is infectious and the judges laugh and clap along with him. Sharon says it was fantastic. The judges love his personality and Gary thinks that is what will help him to go far. All of the judges vote yes and Giles is overjoyed and runs to his parents.

Up next is Lydia Lucy. The judges like her and vote yes. Sharon and Louis agree that until she finds who she is she would fit great into a girl band.

Nicholas McDonald is a 16-year-old who almost brings Nicole to tears with his singing. Everyone votes yes but Gary thinks he will have another chance in a year from now.

Sharon is shocked when she sees the next contestant, Stephanie Woods. In 2007, when she was only 14, Sharon eliminated her at the judge's house portion of the show. Stephanie's singing makes both her mom and Sharon cry. Gary says she has improved and sang great. Nicole thinks that while there are some improvements that could be made, she can see the emotion in her singing. Gary and Nicole point out that it's the first time anyone has made Sharon cry this season. The judges all vote yes for her.

Samantha Harper aspires to be just like Beyonce, but when she sings the judges discover that she has a strange vibrato and singing voice. The judges easily vote no. Another strange singer is J-Koda, he dances to dubstep.

Aron Dale is up next and sings in a flat voice with no emotion. The next singer comes in singing and Gary immediately throws his head back in frustration. Souli Roots wants to sing a song she wrote about the recession. She says she writes three to four songs a day. Her dream is to be like Bob Marley and perform around the world. The judges think she is very fun but aren't sure if she has a chance in this show. Louis thinks she does have a voice and votes yes. Nicole says yes because she makes her want to move. Gary is a strong no but Sharon votes her through. The judges laugh at Gary when he is shocked that Souli is voted through.

James McDonald works as a bus driver but really wants to sing for a living. Gary thinks he isn't perfect but he did a great job. The judges all vote yes for him and he cries from happiness. His family rush in and hug him before he can leave the room.

Louise Harper has worked a long time and thinks that this may be her last chance in this competition. Gary warns that she will need to step it up for the arena audition and votes yes along with the other judges.

A group of three brothers, Next of Kin. They had previously been signed to Universal as a sort of British Hanson Brothers. When it ended they had nothing so they went back to normal lives. They would give everything to have another chance. They sing a song that they wrote with their mother. They are great singers and even make Nicole cry. They receive a standing ovation from the judges and Gary says that it's a hit song. Sharon loves their harmonies and Gary says this is what they have been looking for. Nicole tries to get herself together because she is still crying. Everyone gives them a huge yes and can't wait to see them in the arena.