Series 10 - Auditions 6 - Recap

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The arena audition awaits everyone who was sent on from the room audition. The UK suffers from a heat wave and everyone does their best to keep cool while they wait outside in a line. One contestant who doesn't want to cool things down is Souli Roots.

Souli is the first contestant to start the day and is going all out. She runs out on stage carrying her drum and blowing a whistle. She entertains the crowd and the judges with her dancing. After she finishes singing Gary says the music sounded damn fine but the singing was just alright. Souli is still happy about that response. Louis thinks she is a great performer and that there should be more reggae on X Factor. Sharon asks what they are going to do with her since it is a singing competition, but Souli says she is what the people want. Louis and Sharon vote yes but Gary says the vocals aren't good enough and votes no. The final vote is up to Nicole and she votes yes since Souli got her to her feet dancing.

Up next is Lydia Lucy, who had a nerve wracking room audition, where Sharon suggested she would be better in a girl band. Lydia says that she took the judges criticism to heart and has worked on her singing since then and hopes the judges like what she has to offer. Everyone in the crowd loves her song and Nicole asks where that performance came from. Louis says that she walked out and owned the stage. Sharon believes this audition is even better than her first. Gary says it was fantastic and the song choice was great. Everyone has an easy time voting yes. Sharon takes back the girl band comment and thinks that she is good enough on her own.

The next girl to sing is Jeanette Akua, who is from South Africa. The judges all vote yes and Sharon says she is a vision. The girls have the arena on their feet and the guys hope to do the same.

Rough Copy is a group of three guys who are very excited to audition. They plan to enter from the back of the arena to switch things up. They say they are sweet but street. As they sing they make their way to the judge's table and sing directly to the judges. The judges love them but Sharon warns them not to get too cocky. Louis says that they sure know how to work a room. They will move onto the the next stage.

James McDonald is known as the singing bus driver. He just loves to sing everywhere. If he gets a yes today he says he will be the happiest man on Earth. Gary ends the song early and says that he thought James had more. Nicole says he doesn't have the greatest voice but it's still good. Nicole votes yes but everyone else votes no. They say that while he is very likable, he just doesn't have enough talent to beat the other competitors.

The audience is beginning to get upset at the judges negative critiques and boo the judges. Sharon tries to get the crowd under control but it's no use.

Sharon's old friend Stephanie Woods is up to audition. She tells of how she made it to Sharon's house 6 years ago and she's back to give it another go. The judges don't look impressed near the start of her audition and Gary cuts her short. He asks why she sings something old fashioned for such a young girl. Louis agrees that it is the wrong song. The audience chants for one more song and Gary gives her the chance to sing 30 seconds of something else. She uses her second chance well and Louis says she has a great voice. Sharon says she is biased and of course she votes yes. Gary still isn't sure she is making good song choices but he votes yes for her. Nicole votes yes and says she will see her at boot camp.

Some contestants will do anything to win the competition. Some have even quit their jobs to audition. Kingsland says they have taken their criticism to heart and have been rehearsing to the point that three of them have lost their jobs. The crowd loves their singing and dancing and they even have Gary smiling. Nicole says they need to work on some of their vocals but she has seen the work they have put in. Sharon and Louis love the audition and Louis says it reminds him of the first time he saw Take That. Gary says in a few months they will be amazing. Everyone votes yes and the crowd goes wild. Gary says they are a ready made hit band.

The next boy band to take the stage is Next of Kin. Louis says it is great to hear three brothers in perfect vocal harmony and all the judges vote yes. Nicole says there is no weak link in their group.

Nicholas McDonald, is very nervous about his upcoming audition. He has been practising every day since his room audition. As Nicholas sings, many of his family members backstage cry. The audience gives him a standing ovation. Nicole says he has a gorgeous voice and Gary says this audition was much better than the last. Everyone votes yes and is excited to see what he has in store for them in the next round.