Series 10 - Boot Camp 2 - Recap

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Nicole has chosen her six and tonight Gary and Louis will also choose their top six. First though, Sharon must finish choosing for her category. Three seats are already taken by Sam, Sabrina and Joseph. The first to audition is Shelley Smith, a van driver. She does a great job and receives a standing ovation. Gary compliments her on her vocal range and Louis thinks she is something special. Sharon sends her over to take a seat in the top six. Sharon calls up Shelley's daughter and tells her to go hug her mother.

Next to sing is Katie Markham. Gary thinks she pulled it out of the bag and Sharon agrees. She asks Katie to take a seat with the others. With only one seat remaining, Andrea Magee does her best and is given a seat. All six seats are fill but no one is safe until everyone performs. Lorna Simpson takes to the stage and feels the pressure that is on her. She says she is there to take a seat and Sharon wishes her good luck. She sings a Whitney Houston song. When she finishes the audience gives her a standing ovation. Gary says it was the surprise performance of the night. Louis thinks she nailed it and Nicole congratulates her. Sharon makes her decision and wants to keep Lorna but now she must send one of the others home. She decides to send Sabrina home in order to keep Lorna. Louis tells Sharon that she made the right decision.

All six seats are full again and there is one over ager left to perform. Zoe Devlin says this is tougher than she thought it would be. After her song, Gary tells her it was a great song and performance. Sharon says that while Zoe is different than the others she has sent through, she has a tough choice in choosing who to send home. She asks the other judges who they would send home. Gary thinks that just judging the vocals he would send Joseph. Louis disagrees and thinks Katie should be the one to go. Sharon makes her decision and sends Katie home. Sharon's category is complete and her final six are; Sam Bailey, Joseph Whelan, Shelley Smith, Lorna Simpson, Zoe Devlin, and Andrea Magee.

Next up is Gary's category, the groups. Included in this is a new band that Gary put together after the first challenge of boot camp. Gary thought Nicole let some girls go that were great. He puts together a trio that includes Jeannette, Rial and Cici.

The first group to audition is Brick City. Nicole thinks they work so well together. Louis says they sound like a ready made pop group. Gary has no trouble making them the first group to take a seat. Before the next group, Rough Copy, goes on there is a problem and Gary is called back stage by them. One of the band members won't have a visa in time to go to the judge's house, so they have made the decision to become a duo. They make their first performance without the third member Kaz. He watches from the sidelines as they sing. Nicole says she would absolutely give them a seat if they were in her category. Sharon also thinks they did a great job. Gary says it's different to see them as a duo so he really needs to make the right decision. He asks them to take a seat.

Some groups are not having as easy as a time as the first two. Gary sends NVS home and Sharon says they were too cheesy. Kingsland is the next group set to perform. The crowd really loves them and their dance moves. Nicole loves how rehearsed they are. Sharon says they have a lot of potential. Gary says that while some of their vocals aren't great he thinks they could be the next big boy band. Gary gives them a spot in his top six. Xyra is a girl band and follows Kingsland. Louis says they are probably the first girl band where every member can sing. Gary says they were the band he was looking forward to least but he was wrong. Gary gives them a spot.

Gary now has two empty chairs with six acts still to go. Tenors of Rock receive a seat and the pressure builds. Code 4 sings and they even do flips during their performance. Gary says that while there is work to do on their vocals they made a great impression. He gives them the final seat and now he will face an even harder decision if he likes the next groups.

The girl band that Gary put together is up next to perform. They have been together for less than a day and Cherise cries because she is so happy about her second chance. The girls receive a standing ovation for their performance. Nicole says that they are all stars and they shine brightest together. Gary says he has a big decision to make and ultimately chooses to keep the girls in his final six.He must eliminate one of the other groups now. He decides to send Tenors of Rock home. He wishes them luck with everything. He thinks they are great but not what he's looking for.

The last group to audition is Next of Kin. They will sing one of Gary's songs, 'Rule the World'. Gary says that he hates when people sing his songs better than him and they laugh. Louis jokes that they sang it better than Gary. Sharon thinks it is too dated for the competition. Gary says that he liked their first audition best and is sad to send them home. Gary has chosen his final six, they are; Brick City, Rough Copy, Xyra, Kingsland, Code 4, and the girl group that Gary put together.

Up next is Louis' category, the boys. The first one up to perform is Sam Callahan. Louis asks Sam if he is ready and Sam says he's ready as he ever will be. He sings a Goo Goo Dolls song and nails his performance. Sharon says he came out fighting and won the crowd and her over. Gary says the vocals weren't that great but he is so likeable. Louis asks if Sam will win the contest for him and Sam says he will. Louis isn't sure but gives Sam a seat.

Up next, is Paul Akister. He sings an Etta James song and Gary says it's a great choice. Sharon says his tone is very soulful. Gary thinks his voice is fantastic and calls him a brilliant singer. Louis wonders if he will sell records and makes his decision. He gives Paul a seat and Gary says no one else's voice is close. Barclay Beales plans to show off both his vocals and yodelling. The judges look a little flabbergasted at his performance. Louis says at least it was different but sends him home.

The next boy to perform is Alejandro Fernandez. He hopes his song will win over the ladies. Sharon says it was a great song choice that fit him perfectly. Nicole wishes he sang in Spanish. Louis says it was good but he only wants to pick people who will go far. He gives Alejandro a seat with the other boys.

There are only three seats left with five boys still set to perform. Ryan Mathie plays guitar while he sings. Sharon thinks it was a really good performance and Louis agrees. He gives Ryan a chair. Luke Friend auditions next and Sharon doesn't think it's his best performance so far. Louis worries about Luke after that performance but still gives him a seat. Giles Potter says he has improved since his last audition, which was terrible. Gary says this was his best audition and Louis says the song was perfect for him. He asks if he is good enough for the live shows and Giles says he is ready. Louis tells him to join the other boys in his top six.

All six seats are full but no one is guaranteed their spot. Tom Mann says he is ready to sing. He plays guitar while he sings 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'. Gary likes Tom's voice a lot and thinks it is very distinct. Nicole doesn't like his song choice. Louis wonders if he is better than the six that he has already chosen. Louis decides to send Tom home. The last boy to perform is Nicholas McDonald. After his song Louis has the hardest decision yet. Sharon says he sang it so well and it was a perfect song for him. Gary congratulates Nicholas and says that he will give Louis a tough choice. Nicole says she would take him if she had a choice. Louis says it is his favourite audition of the night and welcomes him to the top six. Someone else must lose their seat though. Louis sends Alejandro Fernandez home. Louis says it was hard but he went with his heart. Having made his final decision the top six boys are now; Sam Callahan, Paul Akister, Ryan Mathie, Luke Friend, Giles Potter, and Nicholas McDonald.