Series 10 - Boot Camp 3 - Recap

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The judges bring the contestants to their houses this week and with the help of guest judges must decide the top three in their respective categories.

The boys are headed to Louis' place in St. Tropez. The Over 25's will travel to Sharon's home in Los Angeles. The Overs are the first to arrive and they are all very excited about being in LA. Sharon says that this year she is the only judge to have the round at her real home. She thinks it is finally her time and feels she needs to win.

Sharon introduces her guest judge, Robbie Williams. Robbie agrees to help Sharon win, especially to beat Gary. The first to compete is Sam Bailey. She sings 'I Have Nothing' by Whitney Houston. Robbie says it's well done and asks if she was in the moment. Sam is happy with her performance but isn't sure. Robbie isn't sure where she would fit in. He thinks her voice shines but she doesn't.

Next up is Lorna Simpson, who can't believe she is in LA. She feels that this is the most important moment of her life. She sings 'If I Were a Boy' by Beyonce. Robbie says she's good and Sharon agrees. The vocals were on point and he thinks it was a great version of the song. Sharon worries about her stage presence and says she wasn't as good as she had hoped for in the arena. Robbie thinks she knocked it out of the ballpark but asks if she will always perform that great. Sharon hopes so.

Shelley Smith is nervous because this is her last chance. She doesn't think she could ever audition again. She chooses to sing 'Girl on Fire' by Alicia Keys. Sharon loves that Shelley has no inhibitions but thinks that she has picked up a lot of those bad cliche habits. Shelley loves to be the center of attention and Robbie jokes with Sharon that they wouldn't know what that is like.

Zoe Devlin feels like she won't have another chance after this. Zoe sings for her child and she doesn't think she could tell her child that she didn't make it through. She sings 'Fix You' by Coldplay. Sharon says that she has a unique, quirky little voice but doesn't know if she will be able to deliver the big songs that people want to hear in the show. Andrea Magee follows Zoe and even plays the flute. She sings 'High and Dry' by Radiohead. She ends the song on a strange high note. Sharon asks about it and it was an accident. Robbie says she is an artist but Sharon isn't sure how she would do live if she sang a note like that.

The last member of the Overs category is Joseph Whelan. Robbie remembers him from last year. Joseph sings 'I'll Stand By You' by the Pretenders. After the song Robbie says he likes Joseph and loves his rock image and voice. He isn't sure where Joseph will go from here though. Sharon says he is a sweetheart and asks if he will win it. Robbie isn't sure though.

With all of the Overs having performed, Sharon must cut the number of performers in half. She has never won and says she must win this year. Sharon deliberates about her choices with Robbie. He doesn't envy having to make the decision that she does.

Louis and the boys are in sunny St. Tropez. They take a boat out to Louis' yacht. He stresses the importance of today's audition to them. They all head to Louis' house aboard his boat. Louis introduces his guest judges; Shane Filan, Nicole Appleton, and Sinitta. The boys are surprised by all of the guest judges. The boys category is lead by Luke Friend. He knows that if he doesn't get through he will be going to college in a few days. Luke sings 'Cannonball' by Damien Rice. Louis asks Luke why he should be put through. He says it would be an absolute dream to do this for a living. Shane stands to hug him when he cries and believes that shows how much he cares about this. Nicole thinks that he was just nervous during his performance. Louis isn't sure if he will be strong enough to hold up against the others.

Sam Callahan is the next boy set to sing. He needs to give it his all because he can't go back home to being a bartender. Sam sings 'We Are Young' by Fun. Nicole really likes him and thinks he has star quality. Sinitta thinks he is very cute but would be better suited for a boy band.

Paul Akister never thought he would get this far. He is self conscious and really needs to move on. Paul sings 'Last Request' by Paolo Nutini. Shane says he has amazing vocals and Louis loves the voice. Nicole thinks he has more to give and feels like there is something missing.

Next up is young Giles Potter, who sings 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt. The women judges say he is very cute but Louis worries that the vocals don't stand out enough. Ryan Mathie follows and he sings 'Just Give Me a Reason' by Pink. Shane says he has a great voice but lacks control. A few of the judges say he looked angry while he sang but Louis attributes it to emotions.

The last of the boys to sing is Nicholas McDonald, who sings 'If You're Not the One' by Daniel Bedingfield. Louis asks why he should pick him and Nicholas says he has put so much into this and breaks down crying. Nicole runs up to hug him. Shane starts crying because he knows just how he feels. Louis says that he shows a lot of emotion but he may be too young to really perform for people.

Louis has trouble deciding who to cut because he loves four of his choices. Sinitta and Nicole both agree on the same three. Louis plays video of their first auditions. After watching the videos their decision becomes even harder.

In LA, Sharon has decided on her choices. Sam is the first to hear her verdict. Before Sharon even says anything Sam begins to cry. She doesn't believe she did as good as before and Sharon agrees. She didn't believe that Sam showed her attitude in her last audition. Sharon decides to keep Sam in her top three.

Andrea Magee worries that her terrible last note will affect their decision. Sharon says that she is beautiful and creative but she's a niche artist. That is why she is sending Andrea home.

Zoe Devlin put everything into her performance and says it would be very hard to go back home and work in her parent's restaurant. Sharon tells Zoe that she looks gorgeous and always has her own little thing going on. She went back and forth all night and while Zoe doesn't have the strongest voice, Sharon says she is unique. Sharon is sad to see her go but she sends Zoe home.

Lorna never dreamed of making it this far and she really feels like she gave it her all. Sharon says she nailed her performance but Robbie said she has no charisma and there is no performance. Despite that, Sharon wants to keep Lorna in the competition.

With only one place left, Shelley and Joseph are the last two to hear Sharon's decision. Joseph really hopes that he can tell his son good news. Shelley can't even think about going back to her job as a van driver and wants to be able to give her little girl good news.

Sharon tells Joseph that he has a great voice but his range is limited. She knows what this means to Joseph and he has a hard time relaxing. Sharon decides to send Joseph home and he thanks her for the opportunity.

Shelley is nervous to hear what Sharon says. She says that Shelley's joy is infectious but sometimes she is too much. Shelley has picked up a lot of bad habits and Sharon doesn't have ten months to work with her. She apologizes to Shelley but she wants to keep her in the top three. Shelley is shocked at the news, she thought for sure she was going home.

Louis has come to a decision. The first boy to hear it will be Sam. If he ends up working at a bar again he feels like he will have failed. He's terrified to meet with Louis. It would mean the world to continue. Louis says he loves everything about Sam. His vocals aren't amazing but they aren't as strong as they should be. Louis wonders if Sam will be versatile enough, but he decides to keep Sam.

Next to talk with Louis is Giles. Louis saw a spark of determination in him but yesterday wasn't good. He says it isn't good news and Giles is going home.

When Louis first saw Luke, he thought he looked like a pop star with a funny haircut. He thought he found someone great but then worried that he wouldn't be consistent. Louis tells Luke that he has star quality and he has made it into his top three.

Louis tells Ryan that he has a strong voice and he has made it this far because of how hard he worked. Louis worries that he hid behind his guitar too much and might not have enough star power. He apologizes to Ryan but he has to go home.

With only one spot left, it's down to Nicholas and Paul. Paul is shy but he feels like he can interact with people when he sings.

Louis thinks that Paul has a great voice but worries about his confidence. He isn't sure that Paul can go out on the stage and sing in front of everyone. Louis is sorry to see him go but he sends Paul home.

Nicholas sits down with Louis and immediately gets emotional. He saw how much it meant to him yesterday but Louis is looking for great showmanship. Nicholas says he is more than ready for this. Louis apologizes to Nicholas for sending him on to the live shows. Nicholas is overwhelmed and he even makes Louis cry.

The boys and overs are on their way back home to tell their families the good news. Nicholas' family meets him at the airport and are very proud of him. Luke arrives home to many family and friends who all cheer for him. Sam's family is nervous for his arrival but are overjoyed when he tells them he's moving on.

Not everyone is as excited to break the news to their families. Giles' family claps for him and are proud of him even though he's not continuing on. Zoe's mother is sad because she doesn't think Zoe belongs in a 9-5 job. Joseph breaks the news to his family, who are still happy to have him back.

Lorna and Sam are both very nervous to tell their families the good news. Sam enters her house to find her family all wearing shirts for her. They cheer for her when she tells them she will continue on. Lorna's family starts to scream as soon as she says she is still in. The last of the overs to arrive home is Shelley. Her family, and especially daughter, is very excited that she will move on to the live shows.