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Series 10 - Boot Camp 4 - Recap

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The group category are the first to meet at the airport. They are all excited when they find out they will be going to New York. Gary informs them that they can all spend the day in New York because the audition isn't til the next day. At the airport, the girls find out that they will be heading to Antigua.

After touring New York, the groups meet with Gary. He introduces them to his guest judge Olly Murs. The first group to perform is Kingsland. They haven't stopped practicing since boot camp. They choose to sing 'Dance With Me Tonight' by Olly Murs. Olly laughs when he hears their song choice. What Gary loves most about the band is their personality. Olly thinks that they over did it a little and the lead guy has a great voice.

The next to face Olly is Brick City. They feel pressure to outdo themselves every performance they have. Before they perform Gary tells Olly that it's his favourite group. Brick City sings 'I Can't Find My Baby' by Lisa Stansfield. After their song, Gary says that while he has seen better from them, he thinks that they have more potential. Olly says they sound like they were just put together and don't have much chemistry.

Desperate to impress is Rough Copy who are still recovering from losing one of their members. Gary likes that they are all about business today. They sing 'Boyfriend' by Justin Bieber. After the song, Olly is glad that they weren't defeated after losing their third member. Gary likes them best as a trio though.

The girl group Xyra, sings 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins. Olly says they are great vocally but isn't sure if they are enough to win. Code 4 are another band a member down. They sing 'Superstition' by Stevie Wonder. Gary says they are great but they should be a four piece group.

Last up to sing is the girl band that Gary put together. They are calling themselves Miss Dynamix now and they choose to sing 'Pure Shores' by All Saints. Olly is amazed that they have only been together for two weeks. Gary thinks they still have a little work to do still.

Gary and Olly have a tough choice to make to cut the groups form six to three.

In Antigua, Nicole introduces the girls to a Caribbean dance team. She follows this up with her guest judge, Mary J. Blige. First up is Tamera Foster, who feels so lucky to have made it this far. She can only picture herself as a singer and thanks her family for the support. Nicole tells Mary that Tamera messes up sometimes but when she gets it right she is amazing. She sings 'Falling' by Alicia Keys. Nicole thinks she hit the notes but didn't believe the drama in the song.

This is Jade Richards second time making it to the judge's house. She sings 'Hurt' by Christina Aguilera. Mary loves the tone that is in her voice when she hits the high notes. Nicole thinks that she started to lose her fight halfway through the song.

Abi Alton puts everything into her song knowing that this could be the end. She says that music is her entire life and she doesn't know what she would do if she doesn't make it through. Nicole loves her but says that she can only sing one style.

Relley C doesn't want to go back to cleaning. When she sings she feels like she really matters. She sings 'Many Rivers to Cross' by Jimmy Cliff. Nicole thinks Relley is a fighter and Mary agrees that she has a lot of talent. They think the only thing that holds her back is the nerves.

Melanie McCabe hopes to impress Nicole and Mary. She thinks this is the biggest day of her life so far. Melanie sings 'Run' by Snow Patrol. Nicole feels that Melanie really opened up and that was the most emotional performance she has done so far.

Next up is Hannah Barrett, who thinks the competition could really change her life. She has been practicing a lot and her voice is sore. Before her song, she cries and Nicole tells her to put it into her song. She sings 'A Change is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke. Mary hugs Hannah after the song and tells her she is so special that she doesn't even realize it. Nicole feels that she is timeless and classic. The only problem Nicole has is that Hannah has a condition and has to be on a lot of vocal rest.

Mary and Nicole have a hard choice in cutting the girls from six to three.

Gary has finally chosen his final three groups. Kingsland Road is the first group set to hear Gary's decision. He says that they remind him of when he first started with Take That. He says there is some work to do on their vocals. Despite this he decides to take them to the live shows.

Code 4 knows that this is the biggest day of their lives. They have worked so hard to fit in perfectly as a three piece. Gary says that there was no connection in their performance but they are great singers. He is sorry to send them home.

Xyra had a hard time getting sleep not knowing what will happen with them. They have put everything into this and don't even have jobs to go back to. Gary has trouble finding a lead singer in the group but he has never seen a bad performance from them. He thanks them but he has to send them home.

Rough Copy says it's upsetting to perform without their third member but they don't want the journey to end. Gary tells them that it was a great performance as usual but his problem is that he has to judge them as a duo but he sees them as a trio. He congratulates them on making it into the live shows. Gary also promises to do his best to get Kazeem back for the live shows.

There's only one spot left for either Brick City or Miss Dynamix.

Brick City says the competition is everything to them. They have sacrificed everything to get this far. Gary says this is the worst part. He has loved every performance but Olly thought their chemistry was off and thought they were a new group. Gary has made the hard choice to send them home.

Miss Dynamix stresses that this would mean the world to them. Gary says they are amazing for only having been together for two weeks. His issue is that they are three solo singers who don't know each other that well. Despite this, Gary is happy to tell them that they are going to the live shows.

Nicole has made her decision and the wait is almost over for the girls.

Relley doesn't want to have to go back to being a house cleaner. Nicole says that she is growing so much and she showed range where she didn't know she had it. Even with her great performance, Nicole must send her home.

Jade can't face being eliminated from the judges houses again. Nicole thinks her voice has an undeniable tone but can't take her to the live shows.

Abi feels her confidence is down because so many people tell her she isn't good. It would mean everything for Nicole to choose her. Nicole thinks that she is so unique. She thought Abi's performance was good and that's why Nicole is taking her to the live show.

Tamera is up next to find out her future. Nicole thinks she has the vocal ability and range but she isn't sure. She doesn't feel like she has connected with Tamera and wants to talk to her. Tamera says that music has helped her through so many hard times in her life. She has been told that she wouldn't amount to anything and music helps her escape those feelings. Nicole asks Tamera for a few minutes to think it through. When she meets back with Tamera, Nicole tells her that she will be on the live shows. Tamera feels like she can't let Nicole down now.

There's only one place left in Nicole's top three. It has come down to Melanie McCabe and Hannah Barrett. Melanie is first up and Nicole tells her she should be really proud of herself. She has the best vocal range but there is still a lot to work on. Nicole is sorry but she must send Melanie home.

Hannah really needs this win. Nicole says she has the soul and voice but worries that she will lose her voice during competitions. When Hannah sings she is a star and that is why Nicole chooses her for the top three.

Everyone is back in London to break the good and bad news to their families. Jade and Relley's families support them through their loss. Abi is excited to tell her family and they knew she could do it.

Tamera Foster and Hannah Barrett's families are overjoyed at the good news. Kingsland Road arrives home and tells the good news to their family and friends who immediately jump around screaming. Rough Copy can't wait to tell Kaz the good news.

With everyone back home, Gary has one final decision to make. He visits Kaz and tells him that he can rejoin the group. Kaz is so happy and Gary wants to take him to see the other members of Rough Copy. The three are ready to advance now that they are back as a trio.