Series 10 - Elimination - 1 - Recap

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Tonight is 80's night and there's a new twist, a flash vote. Dermot O'Leary announces that this is the first live show of the season. He introduces the judges and explains the flash vote. After ten minutes of voting, the contestant with the least votes will definitely compete in tomorrow's showdown.

First up is Hannah Barrett. She says her experience has been really emotional. She is still on voice rest and has been trying to be silent until her performance. She sings 'What's Love Got to do With It' by Tina Turner. Louis thinks she is amazing for a 16 year old and he sees plenty of potential. Sharon says she has a rich, powerful voice. Gary thinks that with her start of the night has raised the bar. He's also glad that she made it through a song without crying. Nicole is proud of her for how great her voice is.

First up for Louis' boys is Nicholas McDonald. He calls his mom to ask about the song he is set to sing because he has never heard of the band before. Nicholas sings 'True' by Spandeau Ballet. Gary respects that Nicholas nailed a song that came out over a decade before he was born. Nicole has always liked him because of his likeability. Louis says that his performance will make all of Scotland proud.

Gary's first band to perform is Miss Dynamix.They've only been together for a short time but they feel like sisters. Cece revealed to her team and Gary that she is five months pregnant. They sing 'Jump' by the Pointer Sisters. Nicole says they have come a long way, and sound great but wishes they had more fun while performing. She wants them to bring more of their personalities to the show. Louis agrees with Nicole and says they need to work harder to stay in the competition. Sharon says they have great chemistry but agrees with the other judges that they need to get more into it.

Dermot says that next up is Sam Bailey from Sharon's Over 25s group. She's singing 'The Power of Love' by Jennifer Rush. Gary says that it was the perfect song choice, and says that her performance was amazing. Nicole is left speechless and wonders how great Sam will be further on. Louis says she looks amazing and hit every note. Based on that performance he thinks she will go far in the competition. Sharon says she nailed it and thanks her.

Sam Callahan still can't believe that he's here. He's been working hard on his vocals and knows that this needs to be the best performance of his life. Sam sings 'Summer of 69' by Bryan Adams. Sharon asks if he was happy with his performance and he says he was. She thinks that he is the full package. Gary says Sam looks like a pop star but needs to work on his vocals. Nicole agrees with Gary but says that he has determination. Louis thinks no one works as hard as Sam and doesn't care what the other judges say.

Gary picked an amazing 80's song for Kingsland Road and he thinks that it could really help them if they can nail it. They sing 'I'm Your Man' by Wham!. After their performance, Sharon tells them that she was impressed. Louis loves their energy and thinks they will go far. Sharon loves it and says that Connor looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. Gary thinks they sound like nothing else and can't wait to see what else they will come up with.

Shelley Smith is over the moon that she has made it this far. She loves the 80's and is excited to perform. Shelley sings 'Alone' by Heart. Gary says that Shelley is a character but doesn't think she did a modern take on the 80's song. Sharon says he is just being mean. Nicole thinks that Shelley has made a total transformation. Sharon thought she was brilliant and loved the cheese.

Abi Alton says that she has been on a roller coaster of emotions so far. She sings 'Livin' On a Prayer' by Bon Jovi. Lois says it is a great interpretation of the song and can tell that she's a great musician. Sharon thinks that she definitely nailed the modern take on an 80's song. Gary says that the crowd is the rowdiest it has ever been but during her performance it was silent. Nicole loves that Abi is always true to herself.

Lorna Simpson says she feels like an underdog in the competition but Sharon assures her that she will do great. She sings 'So Emotional' by Whitney Houston. Gary says that she knocked it out of the park after the first 30 seconds. Nicole says that while she doesn't really remember Lorna from before, she now thinks that she is a diva in the making. Louis says she is a great singer and jokes that Sharon only focused on the male dancers. Sharon says that as soon as her confidence took off the song was brilliant.

Tamera Foster receives a pep talk from Nicole and knows that she needs to step it up for this performance. She sings 'Ain't Nobody' by Chaka Khan. Louis says that she is the perfect pop star and even has the look and confidence. Sharon says she is very exotic and sings pretty damn good. Nicole says that she has grown so much in such a short amount of time.

Luke Friend is still shocked that he has made it to the live shows. He has had a great time so far and is excited for his next performance. He sings 'Every Breath You Take' by the Police. Sharon says that Luke gave it his all and was so emotional. While he doesn't have the greatest vocals he has everything else needed to perform. Gary thinks he is very unique and loves his voice. Louis loves his energy and thinks he had a great performance.

The last act to perform is Rough Copy. They thank Gary for helping to get Kaz back in the band. They've had a tough time getting to this spot and Gary hopes they prove their worth. Rough Copy sing 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins. Nicole says that they might be the best band that she has ever seen on the show. Louis claims it was the surprise of the night and loved the whole thing. Gary is so glad that for his last year on the show he got to mentor them.

Dermot announces that the flash vote is now open. After ten minutes the phone lines are closed and the competitor with the least amount of votes will definitely perform in tomorrow's showdown. Dermot welcomes everyone back onto the stage and the flash vote timer runs out. The judges join their respective groups on stage to hear the announcement. The first group where all three acts are safe are Nicole's girls. The next group that that is safe are Gary's groups.The final category which has three safe acts are Louis' boys. This means that one of Sharon's over 25's received the least votes and will be competing at tomorrow's showdown. The act that received the least amount of votes is Shelley Smith. She still has a chance tomorrow and she promises to give it her best. Who she will face off against will be determined by the voters. Dermot says there is less than 24 hours to vote and wishes everyone a good night.