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Series 10 - Elimination - 1 (Result) - Recap

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Dermot announces that he will reveal the act that will compete against Shelley Smith in the sing off. Shelley received the least amount of votes in the flash vote, so she is already in the showdown. Dermot also says that Ellie Goulding and Cher will also be performing tonight. He calls the judges on stage and they take their seats. Dermot introduces the finalists, who all sing together for the first time. They sing 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk.

The first guest performance of the night is Ellie Goulding. She sings her song 'Burn'. After the song Dermot asks who her favorite performer is. She says that she genuinely thinks that Kingsland Road is her favorite. The phone lines are closing soon and Dermot reminds the audience to vote soon.

Dermot is happy to announce that this year, in the event of a tie, the act who received the fewest votes in the flash vote, Shelley Smith, would be the one to go home. He asks each judge who they were most impressed by out of the other categories. Louis says Rough Copy and Sharon says Kingsland Road. Gary says he was most impressed by Sam Bailey all the way. Nicole was going to say Sam as well so changes her vote to Nicholas McDonald.

The second guest performance of the show is Cher. She sings her song 'I Hope You Find It'. Dermot asks what advice she would give to the acts that want to have a career like hers. She says that they should never listen to the word no.

Dermot welcomes each category and their respective judge to the stage. He announces the ten acts that are returning for sure next week. After the ten are announced Lorna Simpson is left, she will compete in the showdown against Shelley Smith.

Lorna and Shelley walk onto the stage together. Shelley is up first and Sharon introduces her. She sings 'One Night Only' from the musical Dreamgirls. Lorna is up next and she sings 'There You'll Be' by Faith Hill. Dermot stands between the girls and says it will be a tough decision. He asks the judges who they want to send home.

Sharon is up first and she abstains from voting. Louis says it's a difficult choice but he has to send someone. He decides to send Lorna home. Gary congratulates them both on a fantastic sing off and says that if Shelley sang like that last night she wouldn't be here. He thinks that Lorna has some tuning issues but her voice is amazing. Gary wants to send Shelley home. Nicole says it was unbelievable and was blown away by Lorna and tells Shelley that there's something about her that is yet to be seen. She decides to send Lorna home.

Dermot asks Lorna what her favorite moment of the competition was and she says making it to boot camp. She says it goes to show that when you really believe in your dreams they do come true. Sharon says for once in her life she is stumped and has nothing to say.

Next week's theme is Love and Heartbreak. There will be special guest performances by Katy Perry and Robin Thicke.