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Louisa and Reggie 'n' Bollie have one last chance to impress before they both perform the song the winner will release. Caroline and Olly reveal that Louisa has been voted the series champion.

Dermot ODermot O'Leary
As Host (Series 4 - present)
Simon CowellSimon Cowell
As Judge (Series 1 - 7; 11 - present)
Louis WalshLouis Walsh
As Judge (Series 1 - present)
Mel BMel B
As Judge (Series 11 - present)
Mel BMel B
As Judge (Series 11 - present)
Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne
As Judge (Series 1 - 4; 10)
Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne
As Judge (Series 1 - 4; 10)
Gary BarlowGary Barlow
As Judge (Series 8 - 10)
Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger
As Judge (Series 9 - 10)
Tulisa ContostavlosTulisa Contostavlos
As Judge (Series 8 - 9)



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Great show but one problem, it's going downhill!Rating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

When "The X Factor" first came on TV, I wasn't that interested in it but my mother watched some of the show in it's first and second seasons but when the third season came on, a friend recommended it to me and so I watched it and started to like it, it was a cool show all the way through the season and the first two seasons sounded cool too but when the fourth season came on, it started to go downhill I mean the episodes weren't as good as they used to be, Danni's alright but I actually prefer it with the first three judges, Sharon seems to think EVERYONE is "gorgeous" and "talented" now rather than she used to give out her OWN opinion about how people aren't talented and are talented and what else is going wrong with this show is that well every time the winner of the contest is number 1 in the charts just because they won "The X Factor", I say let other people have the spotlight of being number 1 in the charts at Christmas rather than having "The X Factor" contestants being number 1. I think it should be cancelled because it's getting kinda boring, but if it does get cancelled, I'll always treasure for what was once a good show. Read more

Review posted on Sunday, March 23rd 2008 at 4:03 pm

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10x14: Series 10 - Elimination - 1 (Result) recap: Dermot announces that he will reveal the act that will compete against Shelley Smith in the sing off. Shelley received the least amount of votes in the flash vote, so she is already in the showdown. Dermot also says that Ellie Goulding and Cher will also be performing tonight. He calls the judges on stage and they take their seats. Dermot introduces the finalists, who all sing together for the first time. They sing 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk... read more.

10x12: Series 10 - Boot Camp 4 recap: The group category are the first to meet at the airport. They are all excited when they find out they will be going to New York. Gary informs them that they can all spend the day in New York because the audition isn't til the next day. At the airport, the girls find out that they will be heading to Antigua... read more.

10x11: Series 10 - Boot Camp 3 recap: The judges bring the contestants to their houses this week and with the help of guest judges must decide the top three in their respective categories... read more.

10x10: Series 10 - Boot Camp 2 recap: Nicole has chosen her six and tonight Gary and Louis will also choose their top six. First though, Sharon must finish choosing for her category. Three seats are already taken by Sam, Sabrina and Joseph. The first to audition is Shelley Smith, a van driver. She does a great job and receives a standing ovation. Gary compliments her on her vocal range and Louis thinks she is something special. Sharon sends her over to take a seat in the top six. Sharon calls up Shelley's daughter and tells her to go hug her mother... read more.

10x9: Series 10 - Boot Camp 1 recap: The auditions have narrowed down the contestants to 100. Boot Camp begins at Wembley Arena. In London the producers gather to decide which categories the judges will mentor. Richard Holloway, the executive producer, calls Louis to let him know that he will mentor the boys category. Louis is glad to not have the girls and thinks he can win the show with his group. Sharon receives the news that she will be the mentor for the overs group. She is excited because this is just what she wanted. Gary will be mentor for the groups and Nicole will cover the girls. Gary didn't expect that and doesn't look that happy but Nicole is overjoyed with her category... read more.
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