Season 4, Auditions 2 - Recap

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Mel B, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating are back for another round of auditions and they are hoping that the contestants have what it takes to impress them and the audience and become the potential next X Factor. With the thousands lining up to show their stuff, the judges come in and take their seats.

Up first is Joel Goncalves. He looks like an Austrailian Justin Beiber and wants to show his voice off to the judges and have them like it. He says that the dream is to be a star. He sings. Afterward, Natalie asks if he is single and says that he won’t be for very long. Ronan says that they are in charge of putting together a boy band. Mel B lets the audience decide and they scream. Guy says that he is fantastic and has so much more. They vote him through to Boot Camp.

Next up is Matt Cenere. He says that he is inspired by Justin Timberlake and says that he loves to sing. He says that this can help him support himself. He is a singer/songwriter trying to get a break. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Guy says that audition is why he does the show. He says that he loved it. Mel B says that she didn’t expect that he would have a beautiful voice. Natalie says that she was intrigued with his voice. Ronan says that he could be an international superstar. They vote him through to the next round of the competition.

Up next is 14-year-old Vendulka Wichta. She says that her dream is to sing and to have a career in it. She says that she is not that good as a performer, but is confident. She comes out and sings. They are all amazed and afterward, Ronan gives her a standing ovation and a hug. Guy says that she has a gift and says that he was mesmerized. Mel B says that she just upped the bar. Natalie says that it was wonderful. Ronan says that she can perform perfectly and says that she has the X Factor. They vote her through to Boot Camp.

Next is twin duo “Paris Lane”. They want to entertain. They begin and they are horrible. However, they have fun by getting in the faces of the audience. Natalie is confused what is going on. Afterward, Natalie says that the energy is infectious, but the singing is not good. Ronan says that it wasn’t good. Guy says that it was weird. Mel B tells them never to do that again. They don’t get through to the next round.

Up next is Angel Tupai. She says that she is a music teacher and growing up was hard. She would support her family. She comes out and Guy has heard of her before. She sings and afterward, they all give her a standing ovation. Guy says that was amazing. Mel B says that she is the best singer they have seen. Natalie says that they had so many goosebumps and says that she is here to stay. Ronan says that he feels that they are in the presence of greatness. They vote her through with no problem at all.

Last up for the night is Justin Stanley. He teaches a choir for a woman’s maximum prison. He says that he is really nervous. He says that he has three children he has been looking for and wanted them to be proud of their dad. He says that he left his relationship after having 3 kids. He sings a song for them. Afterward, they give him a standing ovation. Natalie says that he was great. Ronan says that he sang it properly and says that it was great. Guy says that his heart showed the love he has for his children. Mel B says that she is so excited and says that she loved it. They vote him through to Boot Camp. That is it for the performances!