Season 4, Auditions 4 - Recap

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Mel B, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating return for another round of auditions. They are looking for the X Factor and are hopeful that they are going to find it in the contestants that want to show that they have what it takes. With the line getting longer, the hopefuls wait for their chance to show the judges that they have the X Factor. The judges enter the auditorium and wait for the contestants.

First up for the night is Trent Bell. He has been trying to make it in X Factor for 3 years. This is his third time trying to get through. He sings and is good. Afterward, Guy says that this could be his year. Natalie says that this is just the beginning. Ronan says that it was great. Mel B says that the audience loves him and that is good enough. They vote him through.

Next up is Morgan Sheather. She says that she has had it hard and this can change her entire life. She says that she has a dream and she has to chase it. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Natalie says that her voice is special and says that it is great. Ronan says that this is what she is supposed to be doing. Guy says that she has magic. Mel B says that she is a star. They all vote her through to the next round.

Up next is Tabitha Omaji. She wants to be able to feel it and loves Disco. She comes out and says that her brother is Tim-o-matic and she wants to show that she has what it takes to be a singer. She starts to sing and the judges get into it. Afterward, Natalie says that she loved it. Ronan says that it was amazing. Guy asks what their mom is feeding them and says that it was great. Mel B says that she loved it from start to finish. She gets the judges to all say yes and makes her way into the next round.

Chris Cayzer is up next and he was famous as an actor in the Philippines. He is back to try to be famous in Australia as a singer. He sings and afterward, Mel B gives him a standing ovation. Mel B says that there is something special in his voice. Ronan says that there is nobody like him in his category. Natalie says that she is very happy that he is in Australia. Guy says that he has to grow a lot. Guy says no, but it is a yes around the other judges.

Next up is Briden-Starr Aspinall. She was in Musical Theater in “Hairspray”. She says that the dream is to have her own songs being heard. She starts to sing and she good. Afterward, Natalie says that there is a long way to go with her and says that it will be exciting. Guy says that it was different and says that she was feeling the song. He says that it was mentorable. Mel B says that it rubbed her the wrong way. Ronan says that she sounded good and says that she could go a long way. They vote and she gets through to the next round.

Last for the night is Carmello Munzone. He says that he has what it takes to win the X Factor and wants this to be his dream. He comes out and starts to sing. He is good and the judges are shocked. Natalie says that she loves his voice and says that she loved it. Ronan says that his voice is effortless. Guy says that he was amazing. Mel B says that he made her smile a lot and she loved it. They vote and he gets through to the next round. That is it for the auditions.