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Season 4, Judges' Homes 2 - Recap

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The performances with the guests judges continue and The Boys: Carmelo Munzone, Matt Gresham, Jason Owen, Matt Cenere, Adil Memon and Josh Brookes, The Girls: Vendulka Wichta, Bella Hunter, Angel Tupai, Shaine Hawke, Morgan Sheather and Bella Ferraro, The Groups: “Fourtunate”, “Good Question”, “What About Tonight”, “D&D”, “Boy Band” and “Girl Band” and The Over 25s: Nathanial Willemse, Samantha Jade, Chris Cayzer, Danielle Blakey, Rob Vegas and Justin Standley want to show Mel B., Guy Sebastian, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Ronan Keating that they have what it takes to survive this round and make it into the Top 12 of the competition.

First up for the night is “What About Tonight”. They come out and show their stuff. Afterward, “One Direction” says that they remind them of when they were on stage. Ronan agrees that they are good, but doesn’t know if they can pull it off.

“Good Question” comes out and wants to impress with their song. Right away the boys of “One Direction” love them. Afterward, “One Direction” says that it was like a play and that each had a part. Given the right stage, they will do a great job.

“D&D” are next up and they are ready to put their own swag on the stage and show that they have what it takes. They decide not to sing the “One Direction” song and Ronan is clearly impressed with them. Afterward, Ronan says that there were a couple of moments that were good, but is kind of unsure.

Up next to perform is “Fourtunate”. They are determined to make it into the Final 12 and want to do it for their mom. They come out and sing. Afterward, “One Direction” like their moves and say that they will go to them for dancing tips. The vocals were great.

The Over28s are up now and they are going to be meeting with Guy. He tells them that the guest judge is Alicia Keys. They are shocked. Samantha Jade is up and she is a little nervous and comes out to perform. Afterward, Alicia says that she seemed to be pure and Guy says that she was great. She just needs to find the love.

Rob Vegas is up next and he is worried about not being able to give his all in this. He comes out and sings without cracking. Alicia says that she likes the tone of the voice. Guy says that he is not as trustworthy and felt that the song was good.

Next up, Chris Cayzer is ready to perform his song. He wants to show more of a sexy side. He comes out and says that Alicia is a beautiful woman. He sings and afterward, Guy says that he really listened to him and says that he was giving Alicia the eye. Alicia loved it.

Danielle Blakey is ready to show her confidence when she sings. She comes out and sings her song. Afterward, Guy says that he feels that she tore down some walls. Alicia says that she really liked it.

Justin Standley is up next and he wants to do this for his kids. He comes out and sings “Against All Odds” and pushes hard. Afterward, Guy says that he is a storyteller and that there is something special there. Alicia agrees and says that there is something there and that he had some hard times.

Last up for the Over 28s is Nathaniel Willemse. He wants to show everyone who didn’t believe in him that he is worth something. He comes out and sings with his heart. Afterward, Alicia says that she loved how he delivered it and says that he was unique. Guy says that he is an artist when he did that.

Moving on to the Girls, they are in New York and Natalie brings out the guest star, Ke$ha. First up is Vendulka Wichta. She comes up and sings “Never Let Me Go” and shows that she wants this. Afterward, Ke$ha says that she was amazing. Natalie says that she connected to the song.

Bella Hunter has a new song and the pressure is on. The daughter of Mark Hunter, she knows that it is hard. She comes out and sings “Umbrella”. Afterward, Ke$ha says that her voice is amazing and Natalie says that she has the makings of a Pop star.

Angel Tupai is up next and she wants to help her family out and wants to show that she has what it takes. She sings “Mr. Know-it-all” and makes Ke$ha smile. Afterward, Ke$ha says that her voice is not what is on the charts now, but Natalie says that it is important to bring soul.

Up next is Morgan Sheather. She wants to show that she is a performer. She sings “Skyscraper” and afterward, Ke$ha says that her voice is nice. Natalie wonders if it is stronger than the other girls.

Bella Ferraro comes out next and she wants to prove that she is worthy of the Top 3 spots in the Girl’s group. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Ke$ha says that she is her favorite. Natalie is a little worried that she might crack under pressure. Ke$ha says that it is all about practice.

Last up for the girls is Shaine Hawke. After yesterday’s breakdown, she is ready to show that she can do this. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Ke$ha says that she is so good for 14-years-old. Natalie says that she gets nervous a lot. Ke$ha says that if she doesn’t sign her, than she will.

The Boys are up and Mel B says that her special guest judge is Usher. The boys are ecstatic. First up for the boys is Jason Owen. He says that he wants to do well and make his family proud. He sings “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”. Afterward, Usher says that a country influence is there, but needs to get the sharps and flats strait. Mel B says that he could be a Wild Card.

Matt Cenere is next and he says that this is his chance to change his family’s life. He sings “It Girl” and afterward, Usher says that he can move and Mel B worries if he can do it together.

Adil Memon is next and he says that he wants to show that he has it. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Usher says that he was uptight, but he is a looker. Mel B says that she is worried about his nerves.

Up next is Matt Gresham. He says that he has to stand up and sing with his eyes open. He comes out and sings. He doesn’t open his eyes that much though. Afterward, Usher says that his passion was good. Mel B says that he needs his eyes open.

Carmello Munzone is up next and after a bad rehearsal, he is nervous. He comes out and sings. His timing is still a little off. Afterward, Usher says that he was really nervous. Mel B says that he made the entire audience stand in his audition. Usher says that she can work on it with him.

Last up for the night is Josh Brookes. He says that he is nervous to be singing in front of Usher. He sings “Ordinary People” and afterward, Mel B says that you can feel his passion. Usher says that he misused the range of that song and pushed it too hard. Now the judges and their guest judges are going to have to make the tough choices to choose their Top 3. They are ready to give the news to the contestants. The episode ends.

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