Auditions #4 - Recap

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Tonight is the final auditions and they are in Newark, New Jersey. Thousands of hopefuls wait in line to see if they can make it. L.A., Nicole, Paula and Simon get to Newark and have high hopes as they see the hopeful contestants line up and get ready to show them what they have. The judges get settled in to await the competition.

Bryan Bradley is up first and he says that he likes to sing and listen to music. He comes out and starts to get mouthy with Simon. However, it is just an act and he gets into his rap. He is talented. Nicole says that she is scared of him and won’t look at his mom. Simon says that he is abnoxious, but the most talented. Paula says that he is unique and it was great. L.A. says that he is glad that he came into his life.

This sets off a montage of good acts that the judges have no problem of saying yes and putting them through to the next round of the competition.

Also hoping to impress the judges is Andy Silikovitz, a 43-year-old man with a dream. He comes out and says that he wants to have the $5 Million to buy a house, car and get women to like him. He starts to sing and it is horrible. Simon says that he is not going to have a problem getting girls to notice him after that. L.A. says that it is a no to the singing and Nicole and Paula agree as well. Paula gives him a hug though.

Next up is Clarissa Cheatham and she is confident in her abilities to sing. She says that people scream after she sings at the karaoke bars. She starts to sing and it is horrible and she is tone deaf. Simon can’t stop laughing and says that he doesn’t think that people were screaming for more. The judges say no to Clarissa, but thank her for coming out.

This sets off a montage of horrible acts that make the judges not like what they are seeing in New Jersey.

Up next is Cari Fletcher. She says that she has always wanted to sing. She starts and is good. Nicole says that she liked her focus and has potential. Paula says that she is very talented. L.A. says that she looks like a star and it was good. Simon says that she is forgetable and boring. L.A. says yes, Nicole says yes and Paula tells her to come confident. Simon says yes to her.

The next act is “Ausem”, a duo act. They tell that when they have a fanbase already and they are confident. They sing and the guy in the group has a great voice, but the girl doesn’t. Simon says they are going to relate to them and says yes. L.A. says that the boy is a great singer and says yes to that. Nicole struggles and Simon pushes her for an answer. She tells that she feels pressured to say yes. Paula gets mad at Simon for bullying. He walks off and Nicole finally says yes to them.

The auditions continue and next up is Tora Woloshin. She says that she wants to be an auto body tech and work on Race cars. She comes out and sings and she is amazing. Paula says that she is a little firecracker. L.A. says that it was really good. Simon says that he loves her and says that there is something about her and she can be special. Nicole says that she has something unique about her. Paula likes the uniqueness of her voice. The judges all say yes without hesitation.

Jor-El Garcia is next and he says that he sounds like Madonna and wants to be famous. He starts singing and it is horrible. The judges get to the point and Simon says that the singing was terrible and the dancing was worse and the judges vote. It is a no from everyone.

This sets off a Montage of horrible acts that hope that their dance moves are going to get them through to the next round and they are so bad that the judges don’t even give them a chance.

Next up are “The Stereo Hogzz”. They tell that they can be big. They come out and sing. They are alright. Simon says that they over-rehearsed it. L.A. says that it is a yes. Nicole says yes. Paula agrees with them and says yes and Simon says yes too despite his initial thoughts at the beginning of it.

Next up is Brennin Hunt and he says that he is attractive and will sell a lot of records because of it. He comes out and sings an original. It is a risk that pays off and it is great. Simon says that he has a brilliant voice and he says that he can make him into a great singer. Paula says that it was good and nice. L.A. says that he has the perfect package. The judges all say yes to him and send him to Boot Camp.

This sets off acts that are amazing and the judges have no problem sending them through to Boot Camp. Next is Devon Talley and he says that he is going to be a star. He sings and it is horrible. Simon tries to stop him, but he keeps going. He says that he has another song and they tell him that the singing was not good and that they don’t need to hear more.

Last up for the auditions is Jazzlyn Little. She is shy and doesn’t have any confidence in her voice. She starts singing and amazes the judges because her voice is great. Afterward, L.A. says that she has a superstar voice. Nicole says that she was feeling it. Paula says that she is a star. Simon says that it is going to be nice to see her with confidence. He says that she is the one to watch. That is it for the auditions. Next week Boot Camp begins!