Boot Camp, Part 2 - Recap

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Boot Camp continues and after a night of challenges and tasks, the acts are going to go from 100 to only 32 singers. They gather around and wait for the final groups to perform from the first day of Boot Camp.

First up is a group consisting of Brennin Hunt, “Equality”, Marcus Canty, Matthew Johnson, Ma’at Bingham Shango, Chris Rene and Gina Rene. They rehearse their parts. They get “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. Marcus is really happy. Chris and Gina are going to perform together and they are happy about it. They come out and Ma’at Bingham Shango starts them off. They have a fun time and the judges feel it too. Paula says that they have a star among them and they tell that they need to get rid of one girl.

The next group coming up consists of Mathew Slovacek, Tim Cifers, Hannah Bethel, Thomas Wells, Jeremy Easley and “Kingston”. They get the song that was sung by Rascall Flatts and say that they are happy that it is a country song. They do a great job on it and Simon says that Tim Cifers is a star.

The last group to perform consists of The Brewer Boys, Henri Bredouw, James Douglas, Emma Henry, Hannah Jackson, Ryan Sims, Kyle Corr and Christa Collins. Hannah and Emma kind of fight over one of the choruses during rehearsal, but it is settled by a coin toss. Henri Bredouw starts them off. They sing alright and the judges thank them.

Now the tasks of picking the Top 64 acts that are going to be continuing in the competition. They bring the acts in with them coming in groups. They apologize to the first group and tell them that it is the end of the road. They take the news hard and they tell that they did all they could. The acts are taken down more and are down to 64 acts. There are tears of joy and the acts celebrate their victory. The challenge now that the acts get is that they are going to have to pick a song to sing and have only a few hours to get into their category.

Rachel Crowe is up first to try to get to Judges’ houses. She comes out and says that her song choice is a surprise. She starts to sing “If I Were a Boy”. She shows that she wants to stay in the competition and shows her attitude in her singing. She makes Nicole cry. Simon tells the others that she is getting better.

This sets off a bunch of acts that do a great job with their challenge and show that they are a contender in the competition.

Next up is Josh Krajcik. He comes out on stage and says that he wants to be remembered for the performance. He starts off and sings a Kelly Clarkson song. He does a great job and gets a standing ovation.

Next is Simone Battle and says that she is the next recording artist that they are going to want. She says that she is going to sing “Your Song” by Elton John, but when she sings, her mind goes blank and she forgets the words. She tries to make her own words up and doesn’t sit well with the judges.

This off a montage of horrible renditions of the songs that turn out wrong. Simon gets frustrated and says that he can’t take any more of this.

After the break, “The Stereo Hoggz” come up next to hopefully redeem the competition. They sing a slow and simple song that comes out great. They are complimented by a standing ovation and the judges thank them.

This sets off a montage of the Boys representing the talent of the 64 acts and show that they want to take it all for them. The judges are impressed.

Stacey Francis comes up and shares that her father died on the day of Boot Camp and says that she is going to sing “Summertime”. She starts off and sings it really well and impresses the judges and gets them on their feet.

This sets off a montage of the Girls also show that they want to be there and represent the competition as it turns fierce.

Last up is Leroy Bell and says that he wants to win the competition and says that he is going to bear his soul. He sings and adds soul to the song choice and does a good job. Nicole says that she can hear the experience.

The judges now have the challenge to pick the Top 32 for judge’s homes. They decide which to go through. The Boys, The Girls, The Over 30’s and the Groups

The Girls come up to see who gets through and the first girl going through is Caitlin Koch. Second is Tora Woloshin. Third through is Simone Battle. Fourth is Drew Ryniewicz. Next is Rachael Crow. Sixth through is Jazzlyn Little. Seventh through is Melanie Amaro. The last spot goes through is Tiah Tolliver.

The Boys are next and first of them through is Brennin Hunt. This is followed by Bryan Bradley, Skyelor Anderson, Nick Voss. Tim Cifers, Phillip Lomax, Marcus Canty and Chris Rene. All of them are extremely excited.

The Groups get their answers and it is good news for The Stereo Hoggz, 2squar’d, 4Shore, Brewer Brothers, Illusion Confusion and The Anser. The rest are told that they can try next time.

The Over 30’s get their verdict and the first is Elaine Gibbs. Second goes to Tiger Budbill. Third is Leroy Bell. Fourth goes to James Kenney. Fifth goes to Josh Krajcik. Sixth spot goes to Christa Collins. The Seventh spot goes to Dexter Haygood. Paula cries and hugs him. The final spot goes to Stacey Francis. The rejected acts get ready to leave and 14 singers come out and are told that they are going to be formed into groups. With Boot Camp over with, the judges are going to be a mentor and Nicole gets the Over 30’s, L.A. Reid gets the Boys, Paula gets the Groups and Simon gets the Girls.