LIVE Results Show #7 - 1 of 4 Voted Off - Recap

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The Results are in and Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik wait to find out if they did enough to make it to the Final. Steve Jones comes out and says that Florence + The Machine and Nicole Scherzinger. They kick off the night with the Final Four performing on stage. Steve Jones talks about the auditions for the 2012 Season of X Factor and says that they will have booths too. They review the night. Simon says that it was good and he is happy with what he saw. Paula says she says Josh was amazing last night and Chris Rene. Nicole says that Chris Rene was good and Josh was great. L.A. says that he is nervous with what will happen.

Florence + The Machine perform on stage and sing their new single. They show that they have the talent to warrant the fame that they have gotten. Afterward, the judges talk about the contestants. They say that Marcus is the most soulful of the singers and has a great voice. They say that Chris is the most inspirational of the competition. They say that Josh is the one to beat because he brings them in. For Melanie, they say that her voice is limitless and says that it was great. The finalists are all unique and they are all fighting for the spot.

The finalists come out with their mentors and take to the center of the stage for the results. The first act that America has put through to the Finals is Chris Rene. The next act through to the Finals is Melanie Amaro.

Nicole Scherzinger comes out and sings a song from her upcoming album. She shows that she has what it takes to keep the fame that she has. Steve comes out and talks to her and asks how it is to perform on the X Factor stage. She says that it was amazing. Simon says that he believes in her and life is a waterfall.

Josh Krajcik and Marcus Canty come with their mentors to the center of the stage. The final act that is through to the Finals is Josh Krajcik. Marcus Canty is going home and he says that it is all good and says that this is not the last time they have heard from him and says that God blessed him so much. That is it for the results and it will be Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro and Chris Rene who are going to battle it out in the Finals!