Auditions #1 - Recap

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The X Factor is back in the USA for a second season and the $5 Million recording contract is still up for grabs. Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid are returning to the judging panel. Demi Lovato and Britney Spears are the two new judges joining the panel and they are ready to bring their experience to the table. Tonight they start in Austin Texas. The judges have high hopes for this season with the new judges. They arrive at the auditorium and are greeted by the crowd. Simon gloats that the fans are going to scream the loudest for him, but it is Britney who gets the loudest applause. They take their seats.

Paige Thomas (21) a Nursing Student, is up first for the night. She says that she wants to be like Britney Spears. She has a little girl. She gets on stage and says that she has been in and out of music and says that she has to try to provide for her daughter. She is going to sing “I’m Going Down” by Mary J. Blige. She sings and it is good. Afterward, Britney says that she is bright and beautiful on stage and is flawless. L.A. says that she is a star and reminds her of Rihanna. Demi says that she is blown away and says that she has that sparkle in her eye. Simon says that she looks and sounds like a Pop Star and has responsibility and says that she is commercial with a capital C. They vote her through to the next round.

Shawn Armenta (50) an airline baggage handler, is up next. He says that he has been wanting to be a singer for a long while and wants to prove that he has what it takes. He decides that he is going to sing an original piece called “Candy Girl”. He starts singing and dancing and it is horrible. Afterward, the entire judging panel and audience are confused at what they just say. Simon says that it was just wrong. Demi says that everyone tries really hard, but it is not for everyone. Shawn makes a snide comment about Demi using autotuner and Britney asks who let him on stage.

The talent continues to go south as one after another, singers are not showing that they can sing and Britney is not being polite about it. When everyone thought that Simon was going to be the mean one, it turns out that Britney has several snide comments to make to the wannabe singers.

Reed Deming (13) a student is next and he looks like Justin Bieber. He comes out and says that he is going to sing “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. However, halfway Simon stops him and wants to hear another song because he is not singing properly. He sings “Grenage” by Bruno Mars. They like what they hear. Simon says that he has steel in his eyes, but he wants better vocals. Demi says that he has great stage presence. L.A. says that he reminds him of Bieber. Britney says that he is adorable. Simon says that he could be a future Pop Star. Reed gets through to the next round.

After a while of backbiting backstage about the other contestants and how she can sing so much better than them, Kaci Newton (22) a Bank Teller is finally up. She is going to sing “Firework” by Katie Perry. L.A. asks her if she can sing for real and she says that she can. However, her nerves get the better of her when she begins to sing and it turns out that she can’t sing. Simon says that it sounded like she was dying. Kaci tries to sing “Mercy” without Simon’s approval and again it is not good. L.A. asks her how she thinks it went and she says that it was good. They vote with a no and she is sent on her way back home.

They move to San Francisco California and the talent is not going well as one after another prove that they don’t have what it takes to be a superstar. A mixture of “interesting” singers all get told that they should never sing and that it was not at all good.

Hoping to turn things around for San Francisco is Quatrele Da’an Smith (21) a cake decorator. He is dressed in a wedding dress type of outfit. He is going to sing “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. He isn’t that bad. Afterward, Britney says that he was off key a bit, but it was entertaining. Demi says that she loves him. Simon says that if Dracula and Madonna had a child it would be him, but he kind of liked it. L.A says no, Britney and Demi say yes. Simon says that he is going to say yes. He gets through to the next round of the competition.

Vincent Thomas (22) an actor, is next up and he says that he was in a boy band in Europe. He says that he has what it takes and has the experience that is needed. He says that he is going to sing “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” by Elton John. He starts to sing and it is not that good. Simon says that he can’t sing and mentions that in a boy band, there is always that one who can’t sing. He says that would be him. He leaves and wishes the next group good luck.

“Emblem3” (15-19) a group, are up next and they are going to be singing an original song called “Sunset Blvd”. They are quite good. Afterward, L.A. says that he loves them. Britney says that they were really funky and great. Demi says that they are really cute. They say that she is really cute too and Demi blushes. Simon tells her no repeatedly and says that there is a barrier. Simon says that he loved every minute of the audition. They vote and it is an easy yes from all judges.

Don Philip (32) a vocal coach, is next. He says that it has always been a battle for him and says that he didn’t see any way out of music because he wasn’t ready for it. He says that he sang a duet with Britney on her first album. He says that he is ready to get back into it. He comes out on stage and Britney recognizes him. He says that he wants to make it on his own. However, when he starts singing, he seems like he pushed it and it is not good. Simon says that he doesn’t have a good singing voice. Britney says that his voice is not up to the bar of the X Factor and it his voice has gotten away from him through the years. They vote and it is a no. Don is crushed.

They move to Providence Rhode Island. Up next us Jannel Garcua (18) a student.
She comes out and sings and is commanding the stage. Afterward, L.A. says that he is feeling her and says that she is a feisty fireball. Britney says that was amazing. Demi says that she has a cute face and says that that she is awesome. Simon says that she is on the money and says that he loves the idea. He says that he really likes her. They vote and it is a yes from all the judges.

Last up is Jullian Jensen (19) a part-time piano teacher. She says that she is kind of a fan of Demi because she has a tattoo that says “Stay Strong” like Demi because she herself was bullied too. She thanks Demi for her work on Anti-Bullying. She sings and is you can hear the pain she has went through. Afterward, Demi gives her a hug. L.A. says that he has never heard anyone pour their heart into a song and says that she has got it. Britney says that her voice is so raspy and sexy and says that it is beautiful. Simon says that was incredible and says was fantastic. Demi says that she was amazing. She says that she felt it and knew that she had been through a lot. That is it for the first round of auditions!