Auditions #2 - Recap

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The auditions continue as judges Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato make their way to San Francisco to start. With the prize of $5 Million for the winner, it is a competition that thousands want to be a part of. As the judges arrive, the crowd greets them. The judges take their seats as they have their hopes high for the city that is known for their talent.

The first contestant up is Johnny Maxwell (16), a student. He says that he has the ambition to win and say that he has what it takes. He says that he is going to sing an original. He starts to sing and rap. Afterward, L.A. says that he is what they need and says that he is amazing accomplished for someone so young. Britney says that he is passionate and adorable. Demi says that she is going to let the ladies decide. Simon says that he is a better rapper than a singer, but he has the steel and ambition in his eyes. They vote him through to the next round of the competition.

Next up is Lexa Berman (22), a dancer. She says that it is a tough cut-throat world and everyone is staring at her sexual dancingin the lobby. She comes out on stage and Simon’s jaw drops. He says that she is Jersey Shore meets Kardashians. She sings and it is not good. Britney says that it was really boring. Demi says that she came off as over-confident. Simon says that she deserves a second chance. However, the other judges say that it is a no.

Other acts come out looking like a superstar, but lack the voice to show that they sound like a superstar. One after another, they fail to make the mark as they are told that they are not good.

Next up is Jason Brock (34), a tech support operator. He says that he doesn’t want to do tech support anymore and says that he has performed on the phone to a customer before too. He say that his boyfriend says hello from Japan. He says that he is going to sing “New York State of Mind” with his own “flavor”. He sings and it is good.
Simon says that he was preparing himself for the worse, but it was great and he loved it. Britney says that she enjoyed it. L.A. says that he is flawless and says that it is great. Demo says that he sparkles and it is coming from everything. They vote and it is an easy yes from all judges.

They stage moves to Providence, Rhode Island. Next up is Patrick Ford (20), a cashier. He says that it is fate that he is to sing in front of Britney. He says that he feels like she is his sister. He brings out a vase full of flowers. He says that he is singing “Circus”. He starts to sing and it is horrible. Simon says that it was like he had an argument with Britney and got drunk. They vote and it is a no.

Carly Rose Sonenclar (13), a student is last for the night. She says that she loves music. She hopes that Britney and Demi will look at her and say that she is just like they were once. She says that she is going to sing “Feeling Good”. They are a little uneasy, but she shows that she has what it takes and shocks them all. They give her a standing ovation at the end. Britney says that she is a little Diva and says that she was amazing. L.A. says that she has an old soul. Simon doesn’t believe it and laughs and says that she is a star. He says that he really likes her. Demi says that it was effortless for her. They vote and it is an easy yes. That is it for the second round of auditions!