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Auditions #4 - Recap

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Another city, another round of auditions as Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato arrive in Geensboro,NC. They are optimistic that they will find a superstar as they are in the South and Britney feels at home. Simon makes a detour and picks up some Grits, Mashed Potatoes and Steak. He takes them to the other judges. They enter the auditorium to be greeted by the people waiting inside, which is basically the entire town. The judges take their seats.

First up for the night is Willie Jones (17), a student. He says that he wants this and says that he was born to do this. He comes out and sings Country, much to the shock of the judges. He is good. L.A. says that he is an absolute original and says that it was amazing. Britney says that she wasn’t expecting that and says that it was great. Demi says that she loves his personality on top of it. Simon says that his voice is a sensational recording voice.

Next, Kalvin McManigle (47), a mower factory worker comes to the stage and starts talking in a thick southern accent. Simon doesn’t understand him and the others don’t either. They ask what he is going to sing and he says that he forgot. They start playing the music and he remembers. However, when he starts to sing, it is horrible. Afterward, no one claps and Simon says that was horrible. He gets a no from everyone.

Julia Bullock (18) a musician is next. She says that she is in a band, but if she gets through to Boot Camp, then the band is over. She used to date a member of the band and it is clear that he is upset that she got a lot of applause. Simon says that she is really good and is one of her favorites. Britney says that she has a unique sound and says that she is a star. L.A. says that she is exactly what he is looking for and says that she has the rock star thing. Demi says that she is awesome. They vote and it is yes across the panel.

Krysten Colon (21) a hairdresser is up next. She says that she wants to be doing this for a while and she starts to sing. It is mediocre. Simon says that he feels that they are not hearing the real person inside and says that he wants to hear more melody. She goes off stage to later perform.

Next up is Jeffrey Gutt (36) a musician. He is a father and wants to help support his family. He comes out and starts to sing. It is great. Afterward, L.A. says that he nailed it and says that he is a fan. Britney says that his voice and soothing. Demi says that it was awesome. She says that it is incredible. Simon says that it was a brilliant audition. They vote and it is a yes for him to go to Boot Camp.

After a round of bad auditions and having the building getting struck by lightning, Krysten is up again. She makes her way to the stage and says that she is ready. However, when she sings, it is not good at all and the power flickers. Simon says that was a good thing that the power went out and says that was wrong. L.A. says that she has an alright voice, but it isn’t good enough. They all vote no and Krysten walks off the stage upset. She gets downstairs backstage and starts to pick up objects and throw them at the staff. He mother apologizes as Krysten runs out in the pouring rain. That is it for the 4th round of auditions!