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Auditions #5 - Recap

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The auditions continue and Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid are there to see if they can find the right amount of talent that can warrant a spot in their Boot Camp. They start in Providence, Rhode Isalnd. The judges all arrive and Simon arrives on a scooter.

First up is Adonis & John (33 and 32), a group. They are very confident that they are going to do a great job. They tell each other that this it. They get on stage and they say that they are going to sing “Hello” by Lionel Richie. However, when they sing, it is horrible. One of the guess just keeps saying “Yeah”. L.A. says that the good thing is that they have day jobs. Demi lies and says that it was good. Simon says that all John did was say “Yeah” while Adonis murdered the song.

The auditions continue to be horrible as one after another, the acts show that they don’t have any talent at all. The judges are not feeling the talent that the singers are trying to put out.

Dinah Jane Hansen (15), a student is up next and she is hoping that she can turn things around for the judges. She says that she lives in a crowded home and she is a fan of Britney Spears. She comes out on stage and sings “If I Were A Boy”. She amazes the judges. L.A. says that it is so tough to sing that song justice, but she took that places where Beyonce wouldn’t have taken that. Britney says that she really delivered. Demi says that she got the chills when she was singing and says that she is going to go far. Simon says that this is why they came to Providence. They vote her through to Boot Camp.

Next up is Arin Ray (16), a student. He was in Season One and was in “Intensity”. He says that he knows that he has to get that 100% and will be better and stronger. He comes out on stage and Simon and L.A. recognize him. He sings “Count On Me”, an original song. Afterward, L.A. says that he is happy for him and that he stuck with this. Britney says that he is a huge star. Demi says that his confidence is hot and says that he has the X Factor. Simon says that he has a great confidence and they vote him through to the next round.

The talent picks up and signers Natalie Martin (16), Nick Perrelli (16), Beatrice Miller (13) and group One4Five come out and show that it is the year of the young ones as they sing and showcase their voices with no problems at all. They all get through to the next round of the competition. Others come out and continue to blow off the roof.

Changyi Li (52) is up next for the night and she wants to be a superstar and comes out on stage. She says that she will sing “My Heart Will Go On”. However, when she sings, her accent and tone prevents her to do a good job. Simon says that she can play the iceberg and just sing the song and it will sink the boat. Britney says that singing is not for her and suggests dancing.

The auditions move to Greensboro, NC and first up is Austin Corini (16), a student. Two audience members go up to him and say that he is cute. They ask him to sign his arm. He comes out and sings “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes and is good. Afterward, Britney says that he is adorable and has the whole package. Demi says that he is cute and says that she can tells that he loves doing this. She says that there is something special. L.A. says that he kind of heard this before. Simon says that he is going to need a lot of work to help him. The judges say yes and vote him through.

Next up is Jaime (23 & 27), a group. They are a very affectionate group. They say that they are meant for each other. They get on stage are say that they are going to be singing an original. They start singing and are flat. Simon says that it was so corny and says that it is not good. They don’t get through to the next round.

Next up is David Correy (26), a musician. He says that he was adopted and that he wants to be able to connect with his mother and find out more. He says that he loves to sing and wants to sing “Just The Way You Are”. He sings and it is good. Britney says that he has the most amazing stage presence. L.A. says that he loves his upper register and says that it is amazing. He gets through to the round with all judges saying yes to him.

The auditions move to San Francisco, CA. First up for the city is Sophie Tweed-Simmons (19), a student. She is Gene Simmon’s daughter. She says that she is tired of living in her family’s shadow. Demi recognizes her name. She sings “Make You Feel My Love”. She is good. Afterward, Demi says that she needs a little bit more control and she will be good. L.A. says that he didn’t get the chill bumps. Britney likes her voice. They vote and it is a no from L.A. Britney and Demi say yes. Simon says yes.

First up is Backstage, Tara Simon (27), a vocal coach is doing push-ups. She says that the vocal chords get the workout they need. After saying that Sophie’s voice is no good, she gets ready to hit the stage. She says that she is a singer through and through and loves the camera. She says that she wants to take out Christina Aguilera. She is cocky with her attitude, but shows that she has a voice. Simon says that there is something there and needs to work on not over-doing. L.A. says that she has to correct the voice a bit. They vote her through and Simon says that she is going to be a Drama Queen.

Next up is Daryl Black (37), a musician. He says that he has a wife and 5 kids and that it is his time to shine on stage. He says that he is ready. He sings “Stereo Hearts” and he is good. Afterward, Demi says that his voice was amazing. Britney says that his voice was really smooth. Simon says that he reminds him of Nat King Cole and says that there is a place for him. The judges vote and he gets through to Boot Camp.

Last up for the night is Trevor Moran (13), a student. He is excited to be there and says that he likes to show that he has something by making videos and getting his name out there. He is in the hall when the crew calls his name. However, he is pale and lying on his mother’s lap. The paramedics are called and the show ends on a to be continued.