Boot Camp #1 - Recap

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It is Boot Camp as the contestants are going to have to prove their stuff for judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid. Simons says that there are roughly 120 acts and at the end of this, there will be only 24. Demi says that the contestants are being put up in one of the finest hotels in Miami, Florida to give them a taste of the good life. They load up in buses as they get to the Fillmore. The contestants all make their way to the stage and the judges arrive. The acts are going to have to sing in front of one another.

Diamond White is up first and she shows that she wants to have this. Demi says that she is amazing, but is the first one they’ve seen. The other acts realize that this is going to be hard. One after one, the acts start to sing and show their stuff. Sister C seem to not mesh with Britney. Austin Corini comes up and Simon says that people would like him. David Correy impresses. This doesn’t stop as Dinah Jane Hansen, Lryic Da Queen, Jason Brock and Carly Rose Sonenclar prove that they are not going anywhere. The older contestants are a little intimidated at the young ones.

Jessica Espinosa comes up and tries her hardest, but Demi is disappointed. The nerves continue to come and Jennel Garcia is a little stressed because she turned 18 and is first out of the house. She comes up and Demi says that she has sex appeal. As the auditions continue and Vino Alan comes up to perform. He shows that he wants to stay a while with his voice. The judges are conflicted. Johnny Maxwell comes up and forgets his words. The auditions continue to go south as the nerves get the best of the contestants.

Emblem3 is not worried about the other bands. They watch the groups perform before them and are a little scared. They perform and they show their talent as singers. Tara Simon warms up and says that she will find a way to shine. She sings and she over-sings it a bit. Willie Jones shows that he is there to stay. Britney is not a fan though. Paige Thomas wants to sing “I Will Always Love You” and Cece Frey is as well. She loves the pressure and Paige sings first. Cece gets up and sings her version. Simon tells them that one of them nailed it. That is the end of the first round.

The judges deliberate and decide on which ones are going to stay and go home. The contestants wait and talk amongst themselves. The contestants are called out into groups. Group A comes out and Jason Brock, Page Thomas and Diamond White are among them. They are told that they are through to the next round. Group B comes out and Jessica Espinosa and Trevon Moran are among them. They are told that it is a no and they are going to have to go home. They are very disappointed and heartbroken. The Final Group comes to the stage and Freddie Combs, Cece Frey are among them. They are told they are through to the next round.