Boot Camp #2 - Recap

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Boot Camp continues as the remaining 60 contestants are put into pairs to do a sing-off. The groups vary and Tara Simon and Jannel Garcia, Vino Alan and David Correy, Paige Thomas and Cece Frey and L3el and Emblem3 are some of the pairings that are going to have to prove that they have what it takes to make it in the next round. Simon says that they are going to have to battle it out if they are going to have any chance to make it to judges’ houses.

The challenges begin and Tara Simon (27) & Jennel Garcia (18) are up first for the night. Tara says that she has been waiting for this. They start singing “Landslide” and it is clear that Jennel is not comfortable. Simon tells them that song was horrible for them.

Next up are Beatrice Miller (13) and Carly Rose Sonenclar (13) come out and sing “Pumped Up Kids” and they judges are impressed with their sound and like both of them.

Vino Alan (40) and David Correy (26) come up next and both artists need this and they sing “What’s Going On”. Vino thinks that he messed up and goes outside punching the wall. Simon really likes Vino though.

The contestants continue to come out and Diamond White (13) and Dina Jane Hansen (16) are teamed up. They come out and sing “Stronger”. L.A. says that the end move of Diamond was genius.

Sister C (17-21) and Lauren Jauregui (16) team up and show that they have a nice harmony, but Britney and Demi don’t like them. Brandon Hassan (16) and Reed Deming (13) are loved by L.A. Reid. Julia Bullock (18) and Ally Brooke (19) show that they are worth it to keep around. Jeffrey Gutt (36) tries to impress but it is mixed.

Willie Jones (17) and Tate Stevens (37) come out and Tate says that he has more experience and confidence than Willie. They sing “Nobody Knows”. Willie forgets his lyrics. Tate outshines him. Simon says that Tate knew what he was doing and Demi agrees.

Arin Ray (16) and Normani Hamilton (16) are up next and they are going to sing “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”. The judges are impressed with both of them.

Jillian Jensen (19) and Latasha Robinson (27) are paired up and Latasha wants to be there for herself and doesn’t like groups. They come out and sing “Stay”. Latasha forgets her words. Jillian outshines. Backstage Latasha is distraught.

The pressure gets to the acts as Freddie Combs and Jessie Bryant forget the words to their song. Nick Youngerman (21) and Jordan Shane (15) forget their lyrics as well and cry backstage. This makes Britney cry to know that they are crying.

Last pairing of the night is down to Cece Frey and Paige Thomas. They are going to be singing “Secrets”. Simon asks what this means to them and they both cry. They start to sings and Paige forgets some of their lyrics. Simon says that they seemed really tired. The episode ends.