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Boot Camp #3/Judge's House #1 - Recap

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Simon Cowel, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid are ready for Judge’s Houses and with guest mentors Will.I.Am, Nick Jonas, Marc Anthony and Justin Bieber helping the judges. The final day of Boot Camp arrives and the contestants are ready to see if they did enough to make it through. With 60 contestants needing to be reduced to 24, the judges deliberate with hard decisions.

The contestants come out in groups and the Young Adults come out on stage and the six contestants through are: Cece Frey, Willie Jones, Jennel Garcia, Nick Youngerman, Paige Thomas and Jillian Jensen. The remainder contestants are told that a lot of them deserved to get through, but they only have a few places.

The Over 25s come out next and are told that there are only six places to put them in. The six contestants through to Judges’ Houses are: Jason Brock, Daryl Black, David Correy, Tara Simon, Tate Stevens and Vino Alan. The remainder contestants are not happy at all.

The Groups come out on stage for their results on who is getting through or not. The three groups through to the next round of the competition are: “Sister C”, “Dope Crisis” and Emblem3. The other groups are furious that they sang better and didn’t get through.

The Teens are called to the stage and the judges tell them that they have six spots left. Those spots go to: Beatrice Miller, James Tanner, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White, Reed Deming and Arin Ray. The remainder contestants are told that a lot of them deserve to go trough, but there are no more spaces.

Afterward, the judges tell a group of contestants that they are getting formed into thee groups and will be joining the Groups Category. They are excited to have the chance. The producers now have to divide the judges into their categories. As the judges wait to see which category they will be mentoring, they sit in their homes waiting for the call. Britney gets the Teens, Simon gets the Groups, Demi gets the Young Adults and L.A. gets the Over 25s. L.A. is clearly upset that he has the Over 25s because he has no faith in that group at all.

The contestants get to the judges’ houses and the Groups find out that their mentor is Simon Cowell. He says that he has Marc Anthony with him as a guest mentor. He says that he knows what they are going through and will help where he can. In Los Angeles, the Young Adults find out that their mentor is Demi Lovato. She says that she has Nick Jonas with her with mentoring. In Malibu, CA, the Teens find out that they have Britney Spears as their mentor. She says that she has Will.I.Am as her guest mentor. Finally in Beverly Hills, CA, the Over 25s find out their mentor is L.A. Reid. He says that his guest mentor is Justin Bieber and his manager.

At Demi’s house, the singers practice their parts. Jennel Garcia is first and she sings “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry. Afterward, Nick says that she is good, but Demi says that her light was dimmed a little.

Willie Jones is called up to perform next. He sings “Nobody Knows”, the song that he bombed in Boot Camp. Afterward, he finishes the song and Nick says that he is a star, but he mixes R&B and Country.

Next up is Jillian Jensen and she says that she is going to sing “Gravity”. Afterward, Nick says that she is kind of sexy and says that she has passion. Demi says that the moments were not genuine though.

Up next is Nick Youngerman. He says that he is singing “Tick-Tock”. He feels confident. Afterward, Nick says that he enjoyed the performance. Demi says that she doesn’t know if she loved it or if she was annoyed by it.

Paig Thomas is up next and she is not willing to anything to make it through and to help her daughter. Afterward, Demi is not happy with the performance and says that she was so good at her audition and is slowly slipping. Nick says that it will be a challenge to bring her back to that spot.

Cece Frey is last up for the Young Adults and before Demi tells her that she needs to tone down the confidence because it can be a little unlikable. She comes out and sings “I’m Sexy And I Know It”. Afterward, Nick says that she took her criticism great. Demi says that she doesn’t know how she is going to eliminate two people.

At Simon’s house, The Groups are up next and first up is the Boy Band that was organized. They are called “Playback”. They come out and sing “Rich Girl”. Afterward, Marc says that he didn’t get into it. Simon says that there is something likable.

“Emblem3” is next up and say that they are not going to go home. They come out and sing. They forget the timing for a second. Afterward, Simon points out that they lost their way a bit. Marc says that he likes them and says that they only got distracted for a moment.

“Sister C” is up next and they get some advice to open up. They say that they come from a family of singers and that this means everything to them. They come out and sing. Afterward, Simon says that they are contenders. Marc says that it is all set for them.

“Lyric 145”, one of the three groups created at Boot Camp, is next to perform on stage. They are grateful to be there. They say that their past isn’t good at all and that this can change everything. They come out and sing. Afterward, Marc says that it was interesting. Simon says that it was a bit sloppy

“Dope Crisis” is next up and they have dance moves. They sing and afterward, Marc had a good audition, but feels that they are topped out with nowhere else to go. They are not too happy with the performance.

Last up for Simon’s house is the Girl Band that was formed. They are called “Lylas”. They have to all be on point. They come out and sing. Afterward, Marc says that was unbelievable and Simon agrees and says that his expectations have changed. He says that this is going to be harder than he thought.