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Judge's House #2 - Recap

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Judges’ Houses continue as tonight L.A. Reid and Britney Spears get to see their groups sing. Guest Judges Will.I.Am for Britney and the Teens and Justin Bieber for the Over 25s. The night kicks off with L.A. Reid’s house in Beverly Hills, California. He tells the acts that they are going to have to sing

Up first for the night is Jason Brock. He says that this experience is amazing and wants to make it big. He says that this could be his last shot. He comes out and sings “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Afterward, L.A says that it was a strong vocal, but Justin Bieber says that is not all that they are looking for though. Jason feels confident.

David Correy is up next. He says that this competition is do or die. He comes out and sings “Domino”. Afterward, L.A. says that there were notes in there that gave him chill bumps. Justin says that he could go far. Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager, says that he saw pure passion.

Next up is Daryl Black. He says that his wife and kids drive him and that is all that matters. He gives it his all on the performance. Afterward, Scooter says that it was unique, but L.A. says that it wasn’t that unique.

Tate Stevens is up next. He says that he is going to do this for his family who has had so much faith in him. He says that he wants this more than anything. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Scooter says that he wants to root for him. Justin says that it was really good and says that he is worth $5 Million.

Vino Alan is next up and he says that he was abused when he was little and music took away the pain. He says that he will be able to give his son the life he never had. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Scooter says that he is nervous, but he is a great performer. L.A still doesn’t know.

Last up for L.A.’s house is Tara Simon. She says that she has always been a star and says that she is trying her best to show vocal restraint. She comes out and sings “The Reason”. Afterward, Scooter says that she has a big voice, but Justin says that she needs to remember the sweet moments.

Britney and the Teens are up next with Mentor Will.I.Am. First up for her team in Malibu, California is Diamond White. She says that she lives in a small apartment and this is going to help her pursue her dreams. She sings “I’m With You”. Afterward, Will.I.Am says that she cares about her voice too much. Britney says that she needs to work on her confidence.

Reed Deming is next and he says that this is his moment and hopes that this is going to be great. He shows that he is excited and sings “He There Delilah”. Britney says that he was nervous and could do better. Will.I.Am says that he needs to bring more to his performance.

James Tanner comes up next and raps. He says that he really hopes that they
Britney says that he was entertaining, but isn’t sure what he is going to bring.

Arin Ray is up next and has no one to rely on now. He says that he is ready to show that he is great as a solo singer and says that he has to be great. He comes out and sings “Starships”. Afterward, Will.I.Am says that he has potential and needs a little work. Britney says that she loves watching him.

Beatrice Miller is up next and she says that her life really does revolve around music and says that she needs to do really well during her performance. She has a moment, but recovers. She comes up and sings “Titanium”. Afterward, Will.I.Am says that was fresh. Britney says that she needs to control the loudness.

Last up for the night and last up for Britney’s group is Carly Rose Sonenclar. She says that she has been singing since she can remember and says that she brings something different. She is nervous that she isn’t what the judges want. She comes out and sings. Afterward, Will.I.Am says that she is possessed and says that she scorched that. Britney says that she is scared that she won’t be able to cope. That is it for the performances! Now for the painstaking processes of who stays and who goes! The episode ends.

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