LIVE Results Show #3 - Recap

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Results Night and Demi Lovato and the Young Adults: Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey, L.A. Reid and The Over 25s: Vino Alan and Tate Stevens, Simon Cowell and the Groups: “Fifth Harmony” and “Emblem3” and Britney Spears and the Teens: Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White wait to see who is going to be going home in this Double Elimination Night. Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom come out and say that Cher Lloyd is performing tonight!

After taking a look at how Best Buy and the X Factor Top 10 went to Bancroft Middle School and Performing Arts Magnet and transformed their music department, the Top 10 sing and the kids from the choir join them on stage and sing with them.

The acts get to the center of the stage to find out which act is going home right now. They find out that Arin Ray is leaving the competition. Britney tells him to use this as a learning experience.

Cher Lloyd performs on stage and she sings her new single “Oath” with Becky G. She shows that it doesn’t matter if you don’t win, you can still have a career.

The results are in and the acts get on the stage. The Top 8 to perform next week are: Diamond White, Vino Alan, Carly Rose Sonenclar, “Fifth Harmony”, Tate Stevens, Paige Thomas and “Emblem 3”. This means that CeCe Frey and Beatrice Miller are going to have to sing for survival.

CeCe Frey comes up first to sing for her time on X Factor and she comes out and sings “Because of You”. She shows that she doesn’t want to go home for a while.

Beatrice Miller comes out and sings for her survival in the competition. She comes out and sings and shows the judges that she wants to stay in the competition. She cries afterward.

They come back together and the judges are going to have to pick who to save. Demi says that she is going to send home Beatrice Miller. Britney says that she is going to send home CeCe Frey. L.A says that he is going to send home Beatrice Miller. Simon says that he has to send home Beatrice Miller. This means that Beatrice Miller is going home.

They reveal the votes from the viewers and in 8th place is CeCe Frey, 7th place goes to “Fifth Harmony”, 6th place goes to Paige Thomas, 5th place goes to Diamond White, 4th place goes to “Emblem 3”, 3rd place goes to Vino Alan, 2nd place goes to Tate Stevens and 1st place goes to Carly Rose Sonenclar! Next week the Top 8 will be performing!