Top Finalists Perform LIVE Show #4 - Recap

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With Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller out of the running for the $5 Million prize, Demi Lovato and the Young Adults: Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey, L.A. Reid and The Over 25s: Vino Alan and Tate Stevens, Simon Cowell and the Groups: “Fifth Harmony” and “Emblem3” and Britney Spears and the Teens: Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White are to perform. Tonight is Number Ones and the premiere of Will.I.Am’s new video with Britney Spears.

Diamond White is up first for the night and she says that she is going to come out singing strong. Diamond gets a little worried because it is not a ballad. Britney meets with her and says that she needs to allow people to get up and have fun. She comes out and sings “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Afterward, L.A. says that she gets an A for effort. Demi says that this is what she wanted to see from her and says that she would like to see her work more on her performance. Simon says that every moment of the song, she was great and says that she is gunning for the #1 spot. Britney says that she is proud of her and says that she would dance with her anytime.

Vino Alan is up next. He says that America must be feeling him. However, he wants to get the number one spot. He tries to sing one song, but struggles with getting the timing. L.A. doesn’t like it and Vino gets fed up. He is forced to change songs. He comes out and sings “Bring Back That Loving Feeling”. Afterward, Britney says that it is the same thing with him and says that he needs freshen up. Demi says that he has soul, but she didn’t get it. Simon says that he has an amazing voice, but that is not one of the songs that she can. L.A. says that he completely disagrees and says that there were some timing issues, but says that he is brave and says that he is a threat to all the contestants.

Paige Thomas is next up. She says that this week, she can’t break up like last week and says that she wants to move around more. However, Demi says that her votes don’t get going when she is dancing. However, Paige says that she is going out fighting. She comes out and sings “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Afterward, L.A says that was by far her very best performance. He says that she seemed at home. Britney says that this was a risk to take, but it worked. Simon says that she looked and sounded like a Pop Star. It is clear that she needs to make more decisions. Demi says that she is so proud of her and says that they worked together.

“Fifth Harmony” is up next. They say that it was hard to see Arin go because Harmoni was close to him. However, the girls are there for her. They want to come out and sing a song on their album. Ally’s grandfather passed away this week and they are dedicating it to him. They come out and sing “Stronger”. Afterward, L.A says that the lyrics of the song are perfect for what Ally is going through. L.A says that it was good, but he wanted the harmony. Britney says that the song really worked for a group. Demi says that this was one of the best performances that they have given, but they needed to move around. Simon says that was a fantastic performance that they have given.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is up next. She says that last week went so well and says that it was shocking that she was in the #1 spot. She had her brother here this week and they talk about how she has to push harder. This week she is going to raise the bar. She comes out and sings “Rolling In the Deep”. Afterward, L.A says that she is insanely talented, but it wasn’t her best. Demi says that she is proud of her and says that she is so genuine and says that says that she is doing amazing. Simon says that he thought the first half was good and says that the second was sensational. Simon says that she is not human. Britney says that they knew that it was going to be a challenge, but they brought her to a new level.

Tate Stevens come out next. He says that he has to be #1 again and show why he deserves this. He says that he would have to go back to work if he doesn’t work hard. He has to change it up a little bit. He is going to have fun. He comes out and sings “Somebody Like You” playing the guitar. Afterward, Britney says that they are going to see him accept a CMA someday. Demi says that that his wife is a lucky girl and says that she had so much fun. Simon says that he shouldn’t dance, but says that he is back with passion and says that he is so likable. L.A. says that Tate is loveable and says that he is proud of him and says that it was great.

Next up is CeCe Frey. She says that being in the Bottom Two sucks and says that she still was in despite her giving it her all. Demi says that she needs to focus on the pitch and says that the fire has faded. She says that she will work her butt off. She comes out and sings “Lady Marmalade”. Afterward, L.A says that is going down fighting. However, he says that he enjoyed the circus. Britney says that she has stepped it up a notch. Simon says that there was too much going on and it was distracting. He says that she has to pack a suitcase. Demi says that she did an amazing job. She says that she loved it.

After the premiere of the video “Scream And Shout”, the last contestant of the night, “Emblem3”, is up. They want to make it higher on the board and he wanted to go shopping, but realizes that there are a lot of girls who recognized them and chased them down. They are told that they are going to have to focus this week. They come out and sing “I’m A Believer”. Afterward, L.A says that he would sign them and says that they have the X Factor. Britney says that she didn’t like their song this week. Demi says that she doesn’t know what Simon is doing with them. Demi says that they are not genuine anymore. Simon says that they have turned into real Pop Stars and says that this is one of his favorites. That is it for the performances!