LIVE Results Show #5 - Recap

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Results Night and Demi Lovato and CeCe Frey, L.A. Reid and Tate Stevens, Simon Cowell and the Groups: “Fifth Harmony” and “Emblem3” and Britney Spears and the Teens: Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White wait to see who is going to make it through to the Top 4! With a Double Elimination tonight, Melanie Amaro and Ke$ha are going to be performing tonight.

After taking a look back at the night before, Melanie Amaro perfoms on stage. She comes out and sings her new single “Long Distance”. She shows that she was worth the title of X Factor last year. Afterward, Khloe Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez ask how she has been doing and she says that it feels great.

After showing a video of how the acts use headphones to know the lyrics of their songs, the results are in for the remaining contestants. The contestant leaving the competition is CeCe Frey. Demi gives her a hug and cries. This means that Demi is out of acts to mentor.

The acts remain on stage to find out which acts are safe. The acts safe to the Semi-Finals are: “Emblem3”, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens. This means that “Fifth Harmony” and Diamond White to sing for their time on the X Factor.

Ke$ha performs her new single on the stage and shows that she has what it takes to be a recording artist in today’s music industry.

“Fifth Harmony” comes out and sings for their time on the X Factor. They come out and sing and show that they don’t want to go anywhere.

Diamond White comes out and sings on the stage to save herself. She comes out and sings and shows that she wants through to the Semi-Finals.

They get back together and Simon says that he is going to send home Diamond White. Britney says that she is going to send home “Fifth Harmony”. L.A. says that he is going to send home is Diamond White. Demi says that she is going to send home Diamond White. This means that “Fifth Harmony” are through to the Semi-Finals and Diamond is going home.

They reveal the rating of the votes. The contestants get to the center of the stage. In 4th place is “Fifth Harmony”. The 3rd place goes to “Emblem3”. The 2nd place goes to Carly Rose Sonenclar. This means that Tate Stevens is in 1st place! That is it for this week! Semi-Finals are next week with the Top 4 performing.