Season Finale, Part 1 - Recap

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The Finals kick off with Simon giving condolences to Sandy Hook and the Finalists come out and sing “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson. Afterward, the night begins and Britney Spears and Carly Rose, L.A Reid and Tate Stevens and Simon Cowell and “Fifth Harmony” are battling it out for a chance at the $5 million record contract. Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom come out and welcome the crowd. The acts will be singing 3 songs. The first song is the Song of the Season.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is up first and she is going to sing “Feeling Good”. At the final mentoring session, Britney says that she was so beautiful and says that it was mind-blowing. She tells Carly that she has grown so much. She tells Britney that she will do everything to win this. She comes out and sings. Afterward, L.A says that every time she goes on stage, she is amazing and says that it was great. Demi says that she gave it her all and says that she is going to inspire so many young girls. Simon says that she sang it better tonight then the first and says that she likes her competitive spirit. Britney says that they are going to win this.

Tate Stevens is up next and his going to sing “Anything Goes”. He says that he is just a normal guy with the love of music. His family says that they nurtured his love for it and says that raising the family was what he had to do. At the last mentoring session, L.A says that normally, people don’t start their career at such a late age, but he is amazing. Tate says that he has the confidence now to win this. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Britney says that he is right on. Demi says that she still loves him and says that he turned the performance into a stadium performance. Simon says that he agrees with Demi and says that he is made in America and says that this was an unlikely pairing with him and L.A. He says that he sang it beautifully. L.A says that he is lovable the day they met and still is.

Last up for the first round is “Fifth Harmony”. They are going to sing “Anything Can Happen”. They say that they have all the same dream despite being from different states. At the final mentoring session, Simon tells them that he can actually remember every audition. They say that they have been through a lot and say that it is amazing that their dreams are coming true. They come out and sing. Afterward, L.A says that the first time he saw them, he didn’t believe in him. However, now they are one to beat. Britney says that it was a lot of fun. Demi says that they are so powerful and hopes that America votes for them. Simon says that he is so proud and says that they made it happen. He says that he likes that something special happened.

The second round kicks off with Duets. Carly Rose Sonenclar comes out and sings “How Do I Live Without You”. She is joined by Leanne Rimes. Afterward, Leanne says that she is amazing and that she loves her. Britney says that she was amazing.

Tate Stevens comes out and sings “Motorboatin”. He is joined by “Little Big Town”. Afterward, they say that he makes Country Music proud and that he has a water tower. L.A says that it was so much fun and natural. He says that his new love is Country Music now.

“Fifth Harmony” come out and sings “Give Your Heart A Break”. They are joined on stage by Demi Lovato. Afterward, Demi says that it was so much fun and that it was great to perform. Simon says that it pains him to say this, but says that Demi was sensational. It was all great.

The final round kicks off with Carly Rose Sonenclar singing “Hallelujah”. Afterward, L.A says that was a really angelic moment. She managed to make her way up there. He says that he is not up to him if it was a $5 Milliion performance. Demi says that she sang like a talented angel. Simon says that it sounded great and says that she had a good night. Britney says that performance alone was worth it and tells Simon to get his checkbook out.

Tate Stevens comes out and sings “Gonna Love You Like There’s No Tomorrow”. Afterward, Britney says that was great and says that she always enjoys it. Demi says that she is going to miss him performance on the stage. Simon says that this is a fantastic night for talent and says that he wouldn’t worry about his old job and says that he had a really good night. L.A says that he is proud of him and says that he has his family and that it was all for them.

Last up for the night is “Fifth Harmony”. They comes out and sing “Let It Be”. Afterward, L.A says that they are magic happening right before their eyes and says that that they are amazing. Britney says that they have blossomed as a group. Demi says that she is sad that this competition is coming to an end. Simon says that they are 5 great singers and says that they deserve to win the competition. That is it for the performances! The Final results are tomorrow night!