The Young and the Restless

Season 24

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Season 24

6010 :24x175 - Ep. #6010

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6017 :24x182 - Ep. #6017

Sharon is going threw her Christmas list. She tells Nick that since this is their first Christmas together she wants to make it special. Sharon brings up the subject of Grace. She is bothered by the fact that she canceled her date last night and she is sure that Grace made up the meeting at work just to get out of it. She tells Nick that Grace has always been up front with her and she can't understand why she would lie. Nick suggests that she talk to Grace and find out. She tells nick that Grace is on her way over.

Phyllis is ready to pick up a book when her doorbell rings. Gina is at the door, she has a gift for Daniel for Christmas. Gina asks how her visit with Danny went. Phyllis tells her it was terrible and that Danny was in a really bad mood. Gina tells her that maybe she misread his mood because Danny left her office in very high spirits. After Gina leaves Phyllis wonders if maybe she did misunderstand him and wonders how she can find out.

Ashley visits with Kurt, he remembers her name and she would like to know his. He tells her that its not important. She tells him that she is concerned for him and would like to know what his plans are after his release. He skirts the issue and doesn't give her a strait answer. He wishes her good luck and she does the same for him and she leaves his room.

Neil visits with Olivia and asks about her son. She tells Neil that this is going to be a hard Christmas for him. They talk about Malcolm and Dru, he misses her and this is why he is glad she didn't sign with those agents because this would be what it would be like. Olivia asks him if he and his daughter would like to come for dinner. He accepts. She goes to look for Nate and finds him staring at the sky. He tells her that he is looking for heaven and that he wants to see how happy his daddy is. she looks out the window with him not knowing what to say.

Malcolm and Dru are waiting for some feedback from Sid to find out if the client liked their work. He is pacing the livingroom, very anxious and nervous. Dru pumps him up with a good attitude. Tells him that they are great together. The doorbell rings. Its sid, the client thinks the work is fabulous. Malcolm and Dru are happy and relieved.

Phyllis walks into Christine's office looking for some answers, she ask's for "Crickets" advice about Danny. Christine tells Phyllis that she is the last person to give her advise about Danny. She wants to know if Danny had told her how he feels. Chris tells her that he hasn't talked to her and that if he had she wouldn't tell her about it. She tells Chris that she just wants to know what she thinks about Danny reaching out to her. She asks Chris " won't you help me. Help us?

Grace shows up at Sharon's.She confronts Grace about the fact that there was no meeting, she used it as an excuse not to go out on the blind date. Grace admits that she lied. She tells Sharon that she just didn't like the guy and agrees to let Sharon fix her up again after the first of the year. Nick comes into the room and tells Grace hello. He gives Sharon a hug and a kiss goodbye say's goodbye to Grace and leaves. Grace gets real quiet. Sharon asks her what's wrong and she tells her that she just loves the way that her and Nick get along and it just makes her all mushy inside. Sharon gives her a hug.

Katherine shows up at the hospital and runs into Ashley. She asks her what's wrong. She tells her that she is concerned about him. That he maybe to strong for his own good. She is afraid for him. Katherine tells Ashley that she is going to invite him to come back home with her. Ashley is puzzled as to why Katherine sounds like she knows the man. Katherine tells her that she does and that Ashley knows him too. Katherine didn't realize that Ashley didn't recognize him and explains to her that he was her handy man. Ash remembers. She tells Katherine that she is going to find out everything their is to know about Kurt Kosner.

When Christine refuses to help, Phyllis reverts into old behavior, she yells at Chris that she is just jealous. Chris reminds Phyllis that she is married to Paul. Phyllis tells her that she is still in love with Danny and she always will be. She goes on to tell Chris that she and Danny will be together one day and she had better not get in the way. She leaves Christine standing their very puzzled as she storms out of the office.

Network: CBS ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 12:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 26, 1973
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