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Ep. #9140 - Recap

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The civil trail for Gloria tainting the cream at Jabot gets under way. Ashley gives emotional testimony about what the cream did not only to her career but how Abby applied some and was burned by it. Gloria takes her turn on the stand and tries to play the sympathy card by telling the judge that Ashley and Jack hated her and would do anything to get rid of her. The judge returns with her verdict and awards Jabot double what they were asking for. As they are leaving the court room, Gloria confronts Ashley, Jack and Billy. Ashley and Gloria get into a screaming match and Ashley ends up experiencing cramps and is rushed to the hospital. Victor tells Ashley she should take the rest of the pregnancy easy and stay on bed rest. Ashley agrees but isn't happy to spend all the time at the ranch. Sharon tracks Nick down to the park where he is with Summer. As she is trying to tell Nick her pregnancy news, Summer falls off the swings and hurts her arm. Later, Phyllis is dismayed to find out that Sharon had distracted Nick at the park. Adam asks Heather to look into a medical release though she tells him those are typically only granted in terminal cases she agrees to look into it. At the hospital, Sharon asks Jack if he is sure he wants to raise this baby together even if it isn't his and he tells her absolutely. Mary Jane walks in on the two of them hugging.