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Ep. #9141 - Recap

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Jill crashes the dinner Katherine has planned with the Governor. Jill does her best to work the Governor to not grant Amber and Kevin amnesity. Heather sneaks downstairs to grab champaign and Estella hears her and rushes to Victor and Ashley that she heard something in the kitchen and Heather reveals herself to a stunned Victor. Later, Ashley hears the doorbell ring and when Estella doesn't go to answer it she gets up and finds a note shoved under the door. When she opens it she finds a sonogram picture of Sabrina's baby. Ashley shows it to Victor and he has the grounds searched. Estella is nowhere to be found but we also see Adam pull up a rope in his window. Jana tries to cheer Daniel up at his art showing and at the end a customer offers to buy his whole collection. Lily is not pleased with the concept of the photoshoot, which was all Chloe's idea.