Ep. #9143 - Recap

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Nikki is shocked by Paul's proposal and is unsure of her answer. Nikki tells Katherine she doesn't want to rush into anything, but later tells Paul she would love to marry him. Howard Aucker returns to the gallery as Daniel and Amber and attempting to celebrate and asks to speak with Daniel in private. When Amber leaves, Howard reveals that he is a federal agent and they need Daniel's help to track some art thieves. Daniel is at first reluctant to help but eventually agrees. Ashley convinces Victor to let Heather come to the ranch to visit Adam. Adam is seen easily slipping out of his ankle bracelet and leaving his room through the window. Once outside he plays a recording of a baby crying. Adam returns to his room just in time to be surprised by Heather and doesn't realize his phone fell off the table and on to the floor. Nina tells Katherine that she is planning on staying in town longer and asks her if she would like her life story made into a movie. Amber arrives while the two are discussing their plans and Amber is a little upset that the book she mostly wrote is going on without her. Katherine asks Nina is it would be okay if Amber worked with her on the project and Nina agrees. Sharon and Jack run into Nick and Phyllis having dinner with Summer. Sharon tells Nick that she is moving back into the mansion. Jack breaks the news to Mary Jane who is none to happy. When Jack leaves she tears up a picture of Jack.