Ep. #9151 - Recap

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Cane and Lily enjoy their honeymoon. Nina and Amber disagree on the direction of Katherine's movie. Billy doubts Mackenzie's serious relationship story. Sharon visits Phyllis at Restless Style and asks her to tell Nick that she needs to be alone at Cassie's grave. Phyllis tells Sharon that Nick is already there. Nick has made a detour to the Abbott mansion where Jack tells him that Sharon wants to be at the grave alone. Sharon arrives at Cassie's grave and talks to her about all the problems and how things are going to get better when Nick arrives. When Nick tells her that Cassie prophecy of them having a daughter together won't come true, Sharon tells Nick that she is pregnant and that the baby might be his and Phyllis overhears the whole thing. Raul makes a surprise appearance at the cook out and Mackenzie rushes to him and kisses him.