Ep. #9170 - Recap

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Howard Aucker searches Daniel and Amber's apartment for the missing money but turns up nothing. Daniel and Jana meet with Michael, who tells them they should have nothing to worry about. Amber and Kevin are at Crimson Lights when Amber notices a briefcase and Kevin opens it to find a large sum of money. They have no time to hide it because Aucker shows up to search the place. Daniel, Jana and Michael arrive and Kevin and Amber try to get them to leave by point but it is too late and Aucker shows them he found the money and arrests both Jana and Daniel. Mary Jane apologizes to Sharon for yelling at her a few days prior. Jack tells Sharon that he isn't in a serious relationship with Mary Jane but Sharon tells him that Mary Jane might think otherwise. Nick arrives at Restless Style to pick up Summer and Phyllis reminds him to keep the antihistamine on Summer at all times because they just found out she is allergic to peanuts. Nick tells Phyllis that he is taking Summer with while he and Sharon go house hunting. Phyllis doesn't think it is a good idea because Summer is just adjusting to Nick moving out. Mary Jane arrives at the office and see Nick, Phyllis and Summer looking too happy. Phyllis gets the call that Daniel has been arrested and Nick offers to drive her and Mary Jane tells them she will watch Summer. Jill refuses to allow Nina to exhume Phillip III body and tells her she will fight her on it. Jill eventually agrees to the exhumation but only for the genetic test for Huntingtons. Jill calls Cane and tells him that they are having Phillip III body exhumed and tells him about Phillip IV possibly having Huntingtons. After Cane hangs up he calls Phillip III or Langley as he calls him but he isn't around. Nina calls the lab and tells them she wants a DNA test done as well.