Ep. #9176 - Recap

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Mary Jane arrives at the Restless Style office and sees Phyllis looking at a picture of her and Nick in happier times. Summer arrives from school and goes to grab some cookies on Phyllis desk. Phyllis grabs them away and tells her that they might have peanuts in them and she will get sick. Phyllis throws the cookies away and Mary Jane eyes them suspiciously. Jack arrives at the office and tells Phyllis that the paternity test results will be back today and Mary Jane grabs the cookies out of the trash. Mary Jane asks Jack to dinner to discuss dinner and Mary Jane kisses Summer good-bye on the lips. Adam tries to get information on Mary Jane from the Club when Victor walks in to check on him. Adam asks Victor if he was taking a walk earlier and that he thought he heard him with someone. Victor tells Adam that he must be mistaken. Chloe talks to Delia about sending her pictures to Billy but not hearing any response. Chloe tries to call his phone but only gets his voice mail. Mac arrives at Billy suite at the Club wondering why he texted her urgent. Billy really just wanted to talk and surprises her with her favorite foods. Mac ends up admitting to Billy that she called off her engagement and the two end up kissing. Chloe arrives at the Club for a workout when she runs into Jack and she asks if he had heard from Billy and he tells her that he hasn't and he has tried to call him to because he though he should know the test results are in. Jack goes back to his dinner with Mary Jane and Chloe overhears a waiter brag about getting a good tip from Mr. Abbott and the room number he is in. Chloe heads up to the room as Mac and Billy are moving to the bed. Billy answers the door and Chloe barges in and realizes what she just walked in on and can't help but spills the beans about Billy sleeping with Sharon. Nick has to go to a meeting with Victor and it ends up running late and he calls Sharon from the call letting her know he will meet her in the chapel so they can open the test results together. Rafe arrives at Adam's room and demands to look around because he suspects Adam is behind Ashley's gas lighting. Adam ends up stopping Rafe and tells him that he has feels for him and touches his face. Phyllis is preparing to leave the office and calls for Summer to come and get ready to leave and when Summer doesn't respond Phyllis looks up and sees her laying on the floor unconscious. Phyllis runs to Summer and tries to wake her up and calls for help. Phyllis calls Nick who is on his way to meet Sharon and tells him what happened. Sharon is in the Chapel where she can't wait any longer and she opens the letter and is relieved to see that she is expecting a baby girl with Nick.