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Ep. #9180 - Recap

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Jill tells Cane that she knows that he is her son because they are so close. Cane worries that if he isn't Jill will turn her back on him like she did with Katherine. Lily arrives at the Chancellor mansion to apologize to Nina about their fight. Nina tells her they both are at fault and when Nina gets the call from the lab that the results are the two head together to pick them up. Lily brings the results to Cane and Jill at Crimson Lights and Cane announces he is Jill's son. Nina opens hers in front of Katherine and Murphy, who have just returned from the hospital. Nina refuses to believe the results and they focus their attention on trying to figure out what happened to Phillip's body. Later, Jill arrives at the mansion and sees that Nina already beat her to telling Katherine. Paul wonders why Heather is hanging around the hospital so much and she tells him that they had someone come forward accusing Phyllis of intentionally harming Summer. Paul tells the news to Nikki, who says there is no way Phyllis would hurt her own child. Paul tries to dig up some answer on who would accuse Phyllis. Mary Jane looks at a wedding invitation of Patty and Jack's and announces Happy Anniversary Jack. Paul arrives at Mary Jane's door wanting to ask her some questions about anything she might of saw at Restless Style that would cause someone to accuse Phyllis. Mary Jane is clearly upset and tells him that she can't talk right now. Mary Jane fantasies about her wedding with Jack and him having an affair that caused her to lose her baby and it is obvious that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams. Jack visits Nick in the chapel and tells him that Summer is a fighter. Noah arrives to see Sharon and is upset that he could possibly lose another sister. Sharon tells him that she will always be there for him and informs him that Jack is the father of her baby. Paul returns to the hospital and promises Nikki he will find out who accused Phyllis and he gets a call from the lab about Cane's DNA test. Heather and Det. Wallace arrive in Summer's room and inform the Newman's about the accusation made against Phyllis. Phyllis become extremely upset when they inform her that she can't see her daughter until they can determine if she is a danger to her. Victor tries to stop Heather from removing Phyllis from the room but it does no good. Jack tries to convince Sharon to move back in with him because he wants to be a better father to this baby then he was to his other children. Nina is at what is supposed to be Phillip's grave and tells him she doesn't understand why she still is talking to him since he is not there. Paul arrives and informs Nina that the lab tech called and said there was something wrong with Cane's blood test.