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Ep. #9182 - Recap

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Jill and Katherine demand to know why Cane would lie to them about being Jill's son when Phillip arrives and announces that he did this not Cane. Katherine ends up passing out and Neil calls for an ambulance. Phillip tells Nina he didn't mean to cause Katherine any warm and as the paramedic arrive and tend to Katherine, Phillip disappears. Billy and Mac arrive at his room at the Club and begin to make out when they are interrupted by their ringing phones informing them of what happened at the BBQ. Olivia tells Katherine that she has had another mini-stroke and wonders what brought this on and Jill, Murphy and Katherine inform Olivia about Cane. Olivia immediately worries about what this will do to Lily. Murphy leaves the room and is in the hallway when Phillip shows up. Murphy calls Nina and tells her that Phillip showed up at the hospital and Nina leaves. Cane tries to explain himself to Lily. Cane tells her that he didn't lie about his terrible childhood and he met Philip in Australia. Neil warns Cane to stay away from Lily and the two leave. Billy arrives just in time to hear Cane trying to explain himself including that he knew along that Delia wasn't his child because he took one of the blood samples down to the lab and paid off a tech. Billy walks up to Cane and punches him in the face. Katherine demands the Phillip be let into the room though Murphy doesn't want Katherine to get upset. Phillip explains to Jill, Katherine and Nina how he set everything up to go out of town. He tells them he couldn't handle the pressure anymore. Phillip explains that he paid off everyone to lie about his death. Nina doesn't understand how he could allow his son to grow up without a father just like he had. Cane arrives home to his apartment and Devon shows up to get Lily's stuff. Cane heads to the hospital to see Katherine and runs into Phillip in the hallway and wants to know why he came back.