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Ep. #9185 - Recap

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Victor demands to know why Mary Jane has a poster with pictures of Jack, Phyllis and Sharon called My Enemies. Mary Jane tells him that it helps her stay focused on destroying Jack but Victor doesn't believe her and rips the poster up. Mary Jane becomes upset and Victor tells her that she is leaving town. Jack arrives to visit Ashley at the ranch and tells her that he is the father of Sharon's baby. The two discuss that their babies are due around the same time and the discussion turns to Adam. Adam enters the room as he hears his name and he and Jack exchange barbs. Ashley tells the two to knock it off and leaves as Jack warns Adam about trying to get back at him through Ashley. Nikki informs Victoria about what she saw between Rafe and Adam. Victoria can't believe that Adam is gay and wonders what would happen if Victor found out. Victoria goes to sit with Summer and reads her a book as Victor enters. Victoria gets emotional and then tells Victor she was able to track down a piece of art and is meeting the man later. Nikki sees Heather at the hospital and asks her question about a lawyer having a relationship with a client and Heather tells her about ethics and says she would need more information to make a judgment call. Nikki notes to Victor about Victoria's increasing moodiness. Daniel can't get Balfour's cell phone to work but Kevin calls the phone company and the phone starts ringing. Amber tells Daniel not to answer it but he doesn't listen. Daniel asks who is calling but no one responds. The guy on the other end is the mystery man who was upset over Daniel getting bail and not Jana. The man yells at his assistant for hitting the wrong speed dial button and they have to get out of the room before they are tracked down. They grab the painting and anything else that might connect them to the place and leave but a picture falls out and lands on the ground. Daniel arrives at the office and begins snooping around but hides when he hears someone coming. Amber enters the room and Daniel wants to know what she is doing there. Amber tells him that she knew that he would come here and helps him look around when she finds the picture on the floor of Daniel's painting. Mary Jane interrupts the business meeting that Jack is having to tell him that she is leaving town. Mary Jane then professes her feelings for Jack but he tells her that she knew for the start that he wasn't serious about a relationship with her. Mary Jane runs out of the Club crying and passes Sharon. Sharon asks Jack about Mary Jane and he explains that Mary Jane was much more interested in him then he was in her. When Jack tries to bring up getting back together, Sharon tells him that it isn't the right time. Mary Jane breaks free of the person who was supposed to be escorting her to the airport and sneaks onto the Newman Ranch. In Sharon's room, a cleaning lady finds Victor's wallet that Mary Jane planted. Ashley tells Adam that she is worried about the baby because she hasn't felt it kick in awhile. Adam tells Ashley that he will call Dr. Taylor for an ultrasound. Jana and Kevin discuss Kevin continuing to spread the message of the the silver chipmunks and when some girls give Kevin a bunch of money because they are big fans, Kevin takes it but Jana insists he give it back. Victoria arrives at the Club for her meeting about the art piece and the man is the mystery man that called the dead guys phone. He stands up and introduces himself as Deacon Sharpe.