Ashley's Back (Pilot) - Recap

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This is the very first episode. It starts out telling us it's been 3 years since O-Town broke up and Ashley is on his own. Since then, he has gotten his girlfriend pregnant, lost all his money, and is living in a tiny apartment with his girlfriend and her mom. He is currently in a deal with a record label, and doesn't feel they are doing him justice (not listening to his idea's, etc). He is also feeling like he needs to get out of this apartment more and more. He and his girlfriend are interested in a house they have been looking over but have no where near enough money. Meanwhile Ashley consults his old O-Town manager who gets another Record Label to sponsor Ashley. Once he is "down with them" they give him 10,000 grand (only needed 8,000) to pay the down payment on his new house. Things seem to be going great. Ashley also visits an old O-Town friend during the episode, who is also in dept, but is living pretty nicely. At the end of the episode, Ashley takes his girlfriend down to the beach for their one year anniversary and plays her a song he wrote her. They dream about what their lives will be like next year.