This Morning

Darren Henson     Supervising Producer (Series 24)263 Eps
Rachel Rosen     Producer2 Eps
Simon Harries     Producer 
Gayani Wanigaratne     Producer (Series 24)3 Eps
Richard Stowe     Producer (Series 24)3 Eps
Kirsty Jenkins     Producer (Series 24)4 Eps
Juliet Bacon     Producer (Series 24)2 Eps
Luwam Woldu     Producer (Series 24)4 Eps
Fiona McLaren     Producer (Series 24)6 Eps
Clara Zita     Production Designer (Series 24)280 Eps
Adam Vandermark     Editor (Series 24)282 Eps
Shari Rendle     Make-up (Series 24)3 Eps
Michelle Daniels     Make-up (Series 24)4 Eps
Sandy Macfarlane     Make-up (Series 24)4 Eps
Patricia O'Neill     Make-up (Series 24)3 Eps
Justine Jenkins     Make-up (Series 24)3 Eps
Lyn Evans     Make-up (Series 24)4 Eps
Carol Sparrow     Production Assistant (Series 24)4 Eps
Laura Pearce     Production Assistant (Series 24)8 Eps
Sharon Bradley     Production Assistant (Series 24)10 Eps
Katie Broom     Script Coordinator (Series 24)4 Eps
Melanie Wiffen     Script Coordinator (Series 24)272 Eps
Viviana White     Production Manager (Series 24)266 Eps
Wendi Rose     Production Manager (Series 24)7 Eps
Trish Lewis     Vision Mixer (Series 24)2 Eps
Andrew Jennings     Vision Mixer (Series 24)278 Eps
Claire Smith (1)     Assistant Producer (Series 24)6 Eps
Tom Sage     Assistant Producer (Series 24)3 Eps
Paul Pixton     Assistant Producer (Series 24)4 Eps
Kelly Weekes     Assistant Producer (Series 24)4 Eps
Chris Clenshaw     Assistant Producer (Series 24)7 Eps
Sarah McNally     Researcher (Series 24)1 Eps
Paul Bush     Researcher (Series 24)1 Eps
Sabah Ahmed     Researcher (Series 24)1 Eps
Jake Horne     Researcher (Series 24)4 Eps
Holly Hudson     Researcher (Series 24)6 Eps
Nick Thomas (2)     Sound (Series 24)266 Eps
Carly Lowrey     Sound (Series 24)3 Eps
Elwyn Evans     Lighting Director (Series 24)7 Eps
Mark Uwins     Lighting Director (Series 24)16 Eps
Jacqui Saunders     Production Executive (Series 24)272 Eps
Andrew Williamson (1)     Lighting (Series 24)6 Eps
Sarah Hitching     Publicity Manager (Series 24)8 Eps
Alexandra Knaggs     Assistant Floor Manager (Series 24)272 Eps
Lisa Miller     Assistant Floor Manager (Series 24)2 Eps
David English (2)     Camera (Series 24)10 Eps
Steve Hulbert     Camera (Series 24)11 Eps
Tim Carr (1)     Floor Manager (Series 24)276 Eps
Lisa Miller     Floor Manager (Series 24) 
Alexandra Knaggs     Floor Manager (Series 24)2 Eps
David O'Brien (2)     Costume (Series 24)9 Eps
Natalie Francis     Studio Manager (Series 24)281 Eps
David Pringle (2)     Theme Music (Series 24 (Mostly Uncredited))287 Eps
Rachel Rosen     Deputy Editor (Series 24)277 Eps
Julie Larkin     Vision (Series 24)7 Eps
Sarah Hopley     Vision (Series 24) 
John Palmer (3)     Vision (Series 24)13 Eps
Steve Uzochukwu     Vision (Series 24)1 Eps
Samantha Gendler     Junior Production Manager (Series 24)292 Eps
Hayley Jones     Studio Engineer (Series 24)278 Eps
John Palmer (3)     Studio Engineer (Series 24)2 Eps
Rebecca Hale     Vt Operator (Series 24)8 Eps
Karen Hardie     Vt Editor (Series 24)275 Eps
Sharon Hedges     Vt Editor (Series 24)277 Eps
Neil Gooding     Vt Editor (Series 24)271 Eps
Chris Tonge     Vt Editor (Series 24)282 Eps
Jane Wilson (1)     Props Stylist (Series 24)7 Eps
Geoff Walton (1)     Archive Researcher (Series 24)13 Eps
Alex Lamb     Archive Assistant (Series 24)6 Eps
Rob Alexander     Archive Assistant (Series 24)6 Eps
Tareq Seraj     Archive Assistant (Series 24)2 Eps
Charlotte Seligman     News Editor (Series 24)285 Eps
Jessica Gray     Head Of Entertainment (Series 24)274 Eps
Brett Lawrence     Hub Producer (Series 24)283 Eps
Jackie Mendez     Phone-in Manager (Series 24)4 Eps
Rachel Walker     Phone-in Manager (Series 24)12 Eps
Amy Robbins (2)     Features Pd (Series 24)1 Eps
Laura Bacchus     Features Pd (Series 24)4 Eps
Martin Harper     Features Pd (Series 24)2 Eps
Claire Brown (2)     Features Pd (Series 24)1 Eps
Lynsey Evans     Features Pd (Series 24)2 Eps
James Docherty     Features Pd (Series 24)2 Eps
Janice Rowe     Deputy Head Of Features (Series 24)274 Eps
Naveed Chowdhary-flatt     Head Of Features (Series 24)269 Eps
Anna Dowd     Fashion Producer (Series 24)3 Eps
Daisy Price     News Desk (Series 24)4 Eps
Nicola Bryan     News Desk (Series 24)5 Eps
Sian Cox-brooker     News Desk (Series 24)4 Eps
Luke Chilton     News Desk (Series 24)4 Eps
Lisa Douglas     Entertainment Producer (Series 24)8 Eps
Ashley S. Gorman     Ob Director (Series 24)2 Eps
Will Thomas     Features Researcher (Series 24)3 Eps
Jay Espindola     Competition Producer (Series 24)5 Eps
Kika Mitchell     Competition Producer (Series 24)5 Eps
Ben Elcomb     Celebrity Booker (Series 24)5 Eps
Sonya Reader     Archive Producer (Series 24)6 Eps
Amy Beck     Features Ap (Series 24)5 Eps
Heather Jones     Head Of Competitions (Series 24)4 Eps
Annabel Hartog     Home Economist (Series 24)2 Eps
Andy Whiting     Brand Manager (Series 24)4 Eps
Matt Alam     Psc Camera (Series 24)2 Eps
Uma Nayer     Promos Producer (Series 24)2 Eps
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Type: News
Genres: Celebrities, Current Events, Interview
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 10:30 am
Runtime: 120 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1988
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