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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Place of Life

Andy tells a young pregnant woman whose had a heart attack, that in order for both her and her unborn child to be saved she'll need a heart transplant. However, the transplant is jeopardized due to unexpected complications with the donor's family.
Guest Stars: Amber Clayton as Lisa Reed | Ben Reed as Detective Shannahan | Katija Pevec as Jenny | Michael Gaston as Dr. Breslin | Puja Mohindra as EMT | Page Leong as Female doctor | Rizwan Manji as Male doctor | Jared Pfenningwerth as Player | Todd Babcock as Driver | Annie Grindlay as Ben's wife | Mac Brandt as Mick | Devika Parikh as ER nurse | Brett Cullen as Carson | Alyssa Diaz as Christy | Brock Cuchna as Jeremy | Charlie Bodin as John | Laurie O'Brien as Ruth | Christopher Foley as Daniel | Deirdrie Henry as Celia | Cooper Thornton as Ben | Claudia Choi as ICU nurse
Director: Daniel Attias
Writer: Carol Barbee

2 :01x02 - Ryan's First Day

An 18-year old in need of a double-lung transplant, struggles to survive as the team runs into an obstacle that may prevent her from being eligible for the procedure.
Guest Stars: Janina Gavankar as Ada Rahimi | Marina Sirtis as Layla Rahimi | D.C. Douglas as Dr. Ralston | Hillary Tuck as Teri Dawson | Michael Mosley as JC Dawson | Stephanie Erb as Claire Sanchez | Amber Clayton as Lisa Reed | Bernard White as Mahmoud Rahimi |
Co-Guest Stars: Catherine Christensen as Moderator | Claudia Choi as ICU nurse | Stacey Scowley as Bullpen nurse | P. J. Byrne as Kuol Adebe Ketebo | Cameron Monaghan as Auden Drinkwater | Spencer Garrett as Robert Drinkwater | Sabra Williams as ER nurse number #2 | Brooklyn McLinn as ER nurse number #1
Writer: Greg Walker

3 :01x03 - Good Intentions

Andy battles UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) to allow a former drug addict to receive a new heart, but things become complicated when the patient disappears just before the surgery.
Guest Stars: Devika Parikh as Nurse | Melody Butiu as Wendy Tanaka | Teri Reeves as Alicia Wilson | Rodney J. Hobbs as Male Nurse | Jared Pfenningwerth as Player | Kenny Champion as Pat | Mac Brandt as Mick | Mark Adair-Rios as Bud Stratton | Patrick Breen as Dr. Joseph Breen | Britt Robertson as Brenda Stark | Shiloh Fernandez as Scott Becker | Summer Bishil as Karen Rollins | Lauren Gribble as Jane | Ion Overman as Lydia Ramirez | Scott Alan Smith as Dr. Curtis Stevens | Caryn West as Dr. Raman
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Sunil Nayar

4 :01x04 - Code Green

The parents of a football player killed in a bus crash must make a heartbreaking decision, whether to donate his organs or not. Meanwhile, Andy and Ryan scramble to find a procurement team so that a boy, desperately in need of a heart transplant can do so.

5 :01x05 - Alone Together

The partner of Andy's wife is suffering from an aortic aneurysm, causing Andy to attempt a new and risky procedure in order to save his life.
Guest Stars: Christian Monzon as Arellano | John Bedford Lloyd as Dr. Yorn | Owiso Odera as Kuol Adebe Ketebo | Lennie James as Dr. Maguire | Paul Walia as Dr. Indar | James DuMont as Crisaldi | Kari Coleman as Dr. Indar | Kelly Overton as Rebecca |
Co-Guest Stars: Aaron Todd Kessee as Orderly | Stacey Scowley as ICU Nurse | Devika Parikh as ER Nurse #2 | Lynn Adrianna Freedman as ER Nurse #1 | Elizabeth Ann Roberts as Mistress | Dinora Walcott as EMT | Kathleen Mary Carthy as Scrub Nurse | Caryn West as Anesthesiologist | Corinne Reilly as Sally | Abner Genece as Falo | David Costabile as Boyle
Director: Duane Clark

6 :01x06 - Where We Lie

Lisa becomes very attached to an 8-year-old boy who she witnesses being crushed by a ride at a fair. Meanwhile, Andy and David try to get a VAD (ventricular assist device) for one of their patients.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michelle Diaz as O.R. Nurse | Sabra Williams as Nurse Williams | Devika Parikh as Nurse Rehka | Claudia Choi as Nurse Chen | Tim Guinee as Jim Silvarro | Caryn West as Anethesiologist Dr. Susan Heyworth | Dean Napolitano as Fireman | Joe Holt as Bret | Drake Kemper as Squirrely friend | Jake Weary as T.J. Russo | Kevin Walsh as Bored attendant

7 :01x07 - The Luckiest Man

When a dying man requests to be taken off of life support so his organs can be donated to save others, Andy doesn't know exactly what to do. Meanwhile, David tends to a foster parent who's got pulmonary hypertension and refuses admission to he hospital.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Ransford Doherty as Wallace | Aisha Kabia as Melissa | Bruce Katzman as Dr. Strauss | Page Leong as Dr. Margolis | Sabra Williams as Nurse Williams | Puja Mohindra as Goel | Devika Parikh as Nurse Rekha | Nicolas Braun as Michael | Jack Impellizzeri as Brady | Jamie Brown (1) as Laura | Jeremy Denzlinger as Dr. Timmons | Rizwan Manji as Dr. Dev | Owiso Odera as Kuol | Mandy Patinkin as Victor | Joelle Carter as Barbara | Jackson Fox as Will | Annalise Basso as Mary | K’Sun Ray as Roger | Lenora May as Doris | Katherine Herzer as Missy | Dana Cuomo as Jackie | Mercedes Masohn as Vanessa
Director: Rob Bailey

8 :01x08 - The Kindness of Strangers

A billionaire is forced to buy a new liver for his wife after a setback leaves her, while one of Andy's former friends resurfaces.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Marc Valera as Father Campbell | William Sadler as Michael | Monica Young as Dr. Lagana | Ron Butler as Dr. Parr | Joe Holt as EMT/Bret | Brendan Kelly (2) as Casper | Omid Abtahi as Dr. Yousef Khouri | Riki Lindhome as Beth | Jesse Luken as Tommy | Owiso Odera as Kuol | Heather Mazur as Tracy Allen | Kevin Rahm as John Allen | Pablo Schreiber as Nick | Teri Reeves as Alicia/Nurse | Jonna Walsh as Claire | Paul Perri as Fred
Director: Peter Markle
Writer: Jim Adler

9 :01x09 - Win-Loss

When a bride is gunned down at her wedding, the team is sent to harvest her lungs to transplant into a college basketball player.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Irene Ziegler as Nancy | John Bedford Lloyd as Dr. Yorn | Noah Fleiss as Sam | B.J. Britt as Anton Weathers |
Co-Guest Stars: Reuben Yabuku as John Russell. | Laurie Klastcher as ER Nurse | Jonathan Berry as ER Doc | Rita Gregory as RN | Milica Govich as Sue Wilson | Philip Winters as Mark Wilson | David Whalen as Russ Coble, Esq | Nicole Beharie as Helen Reed | Charles David Richards as Pastor Miller | Rebecca Harris as Lucy Welsh | Brandi Engel as Kim | Kenny Champion as Eddy Baines | Paul Walia as Dr. Inder
Director: Daniel Attias
Writer: Carol Barbee

10 :01x10 - A Roll of the Dice

While Andy is forced to make the decision of whether he will allow a woman to begin a "daisy chain" and donate her kidney to a patient until an exact match is found for her husband, Andy has his suspicions that one of the recent patients are rejecting the new heart.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Puja Mohindra as EMT Goel | Erica Shaffer as Marilyn | Tatum Shank as Fontaine | Bram Hoover as Student | Michelle Diaz as Nurse Lisa Salazar | Jeremy Shouldis as Nephrologist | Devika Parikh as Nurse Rekha | Joe Gerety as Rick Wilkinson | Kathleen M. Darcy as Hepatologist | Rizwan Manji as Dr. Drev | J. Paul Boehmer as Dr. Gold | Shiloh Fernandez as Scott | J. Downing as George | Michele Greene as Rhonda | Matt Roth as Bill | Stephanie Childers as Candace | Tessa Thompson as Penelope | Felicia Day as Jeni | Arjay Smith as Jared
Director: Chris Fisher

11 :01x11 - Every Breath You Take

A firefighter has to deal with the hard choice of whether or not to be a living donor to her captain (who has mistreated her), while Andy's uncle shows up with a stab wound and requests him not to report the incident due to the fear it will violate his parole.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Vince Pavia as Franco Campagna | Devika Parikh as Nurse #2 Rekha | Max Osinski as Tommy MacLin | Bay Dariz as Hip Clubber | Lyman Chen as Radiology Tech | Brennan Feonix as Steven Williams Jr. | Ariel Mirabal-Ramos as Firefighter #1 | Michael Daniel Cassady as Jimmy Dugan | Lorraine Toussaint as Yolanda Moss | Joe Holt as EMT #3 | Kelly Overton as Rena | Jermaine Williams as Patrick Moss | Brian Goodman as Capt. Lance Carlyle | Sprague Grayden as Gwen Richards | William Sadler as Michael Zelasko | Bruce Katzman as Dr. Richard Strauss | Louie Alegria as EMT #1 | Puja Mohindra as EMT #2 Goel
Director: Rick Bota

12 :01x12 - Case Histories

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Guest Stars: Susan Park as Sanegun | David Starzyk as Dr. Guerreri | Luke Edwards as Bobby | Emily Foxler as Jill | Gregg Henry as Lester | Oded Fehr as Dr. Luc Bovell
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Sunil Nayar

13 :01x13 - Status 1A

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Guest Stars: Oded Fehr as Dr. Luc Bovell | Xander Berkeley as “Sarge” Harold Estes | Billy Lush as Craig Derkin | D.B. Sweeney as Det. Ted Sandefur | Omid Abtahi as Dr. Yousef Khouri | Owiso Odera as Kuol Adebe Ketebo
Director: Jeff Thomas
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 04, 2009
Ended: July 03, 2010
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