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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Lady Killer

Jenny, an American girl, marries a charming young man Paul after just a few dates. Is love in the air? No but murder is!
Guest Stars: David Billa as Waiter | Mary Wimbush as Mrs. Bradley | Linda Thorson as Toni Tanner | Ivor Roberts as Doctor | Howard Rawlinson as Hotel Clerk | Robert Powell as Paul Tanner | T.P. McKenna as Jack Hardisty | Ronald Mayer as Minister | Barbara Feldon as Jenny Frith | John Boswall as Old Man
Director: Bill Hays (2)

2 :01x02 - Possession

Strange events are going on inside a old country house which a newly-married couple have just moved into. After many terrifying experiences, the wife begins to suspect the husband has been possessed by the evil spirit of a killer.
Guest Stars: Jack Galloway as Young Man | Joanna Dunham as Penny Burns | James Cossins as Kellet | John Carson (1) as Ray Burns | Richard Aylen as Inspector Miles | Mary Ann Severne as Young Woman | Hilary Hardiman as Cecily Rafting | Athol Coats as Mr. Filson
Director: John Cooper (2)

3 :01x03 - Someone at the Top of the Stairs

Two American girls rent a room together in a London house. The other lodgers are all a bit strange, death from the past is another occupant, a ghostly experience indeed.
Guest Stars: David de Keyser as Cartney | Scott Forbes as Mr. Patrick | Rhoda Lewis as Emma Patrick | Brian McGrath as Edgar | Donna Mills as Chrissie | Clifford Parrish as Thurston | Alethea Charlton as Mrs. Oxhey | Peter Cellier as Colonel Wright | Laura Collins (1) as Sally Thurston | Robert Corbet as Chauffeur | Charles Hill as Policeman | Alan Roberto as Jonathan Patrick | Francis Wallis as Gary Masters | Judy Carne as Gillian Pemberton
Director: John Sichel

4 :01x04 - An Echo of Theresa

A man has some disturbing memories & they are triggered off by an American visiting the UK.
Guest Stars: Betty Woolfe as Cleaner | Larry Taylor as Sagar | Neville Phillips as Bar Waiter | Dinsdale Landen as Mathew Earp | William Job (1) as Trasker | Roger Hume as Dr. Karner | Basil Henson as Bannerheim | John Caesar as Taxi Driver | Paul Burke (1) as Brad Hunter | Polly Bergen as Suzy Hunter | Ted Richards as Taxi Driver | Meriel Brooke as Theresa

5 :01x05 - The Colour of Blood

A girl meets a man that she thinks is going to look at a remotely located empty house with her. However she has just met the wrong man, he is a murderer.
Guest Stars: Michael Stainton as Policeman | A.J. Brown as Judge | Geoffrey Chater as Graham | Norman Eshley as Arthur Page | Godfrey Jackman as Police Constable | Tim Wylton as Forbes | Michael Corcoran (2) as Blind Flower Seller | Derek Smith as Haverstock | Roy Sone as Detective Sergeant | Barry Ashton as Policeman | Malcolm Terris as Detective Superintendent | Katherine Schofield as Julie Marsh | Eric Mason (1) as Sergeant O'Farrell | Garrick Hagon as Peter | Gigi Gurpinar as Woman on Train | Herbert Ramskill as Guard on Train
Director: Robert Tronson

6 :01x06 - Murder in Mind

A woman married to a crime writer confesses to murder, but there is no victim. Has she indeed killed someone? Or is somebody trying to drive her out of her mind?
Guest Stars: Zena Walker as Betty Drew | Ronald Radd as Superintendent | Richard Johnson (1) as George Drew | Donald Gee as Tom Patterson | Robert Dorning as Dr. Sammers | David Lampson as PC Peters | Christina Greatrex as Jill Pembury
Director: Alan Gibson

7 :01x07 - A Place to Die

An American girl marries a doctor, they go to live in an English village, but the locals have spooky other plans for her.
Guest Stars: Jenny Laird as Nan | Bryan Marshall as Dr. Bruce Nelson | Arnold Ridley as Old Man | John Turner as Bart | Elsie Wagstaff as Old Woman | Graham Weston as Dan | Peggy Ann Wood as Belle | John Moreno as Nick | Lila Kaye as Bess Tarling | Alexandra Hay as Tessa Nelson | Sydney Bromley as Seth | Sally Stephens as Jill | Lewis Wilson as Policeman | Georgine Anderson as Jane | Harold Bennett (1) as Old Man | Glynn Edwards as Lob | John Flint as Police Inspector | John Gabriel (1) as Dr. Sharp

8 :01x08 - File It Under Fear

A murder in a small town brings the amateur sleuths out, they try to solve the murder case before the police arrive.
Guest Stars: John Le Mesurier as Stubbs | Maureen Lipman as Liz Morris | Georgina Melville as Jackie | John Nightingale as Steve Kerroway | Richard O'Callaghan as George Bailey | Rose Hill as Mother | James Grout as Superintendent Cramer | Jan Francis as Gillie Randall | Colin Fisher as Sergeant Truscott | Jenny Quayle as Betty | Richard Pendrey as Gerry Masters | Sue Bond as Karen
Director: Bill Hays (2)

9 :01x09 - The Eyes Have It

A school for the blind becomes a place for professional hit men trying to assassinate a politician. Can the blind students stop them?
Guest Stars: William Marlowe as Jeffries | Colin McCormack as Peter | Leslie Schofield as Moore | Peter Vaughan (1) as Anderson | Dennis Waterman (1) as Frank | Michael Lees as George Mullard | David Jackson (2) as Martin | Sinéad Cusack as Sally | Catherine Chase (1) as Jenny | Alun Armstrong as Mike | Angela Walker as Pat | David Sands as Tom
Director: Shaun O'Riordan

10 :01x10 - Spell of Evil

A businessman meets a beautiful woman, he falls in love with her. He has a nasty shock to come as she is a witch.
Guest Stars: Edward de Souza as Tony Mansell | Jeremy Longhurst as George Matthews | Reg Lye as Caretaker | Iris Russell as Mrs. Roberts | Martin Wyldeck as Mr. Laker | Philip Anthony as Mr. Todd | Patricia Kneale as Mrs. Mansell | David Belcher as Dr. Paterson | Diane Cilento as Clara | Linda Cunningham as Suzy | Jennifer Daniel as Liz | William Dexter as Mr. Pritchard
Director: John Sichel

Series 2

11 :02x01 - Only a Scream Away

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Guest Stars: Jonathan Elsom as John Stratford | Candida Brown (1) as Samantha as a Child | Gary Collins as Howard Heston | Jeremy Bulloch as Tom Manners | Richard Beaumont as Heston as a Child | Barrie Fletcher as Det. Sgt. Sullivan | Ronald Mayer as Dr. Lambert | Hayley Mills as Samantha Miller | David Warbeck as Robert Miller

12 :02x02 - Once the Killing Starts

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Guest Stars: Patrick O'Neal as Michael Lane | Angharad Rees as Stella Mason | Gerald Sim as Peterson | Gary Watson (1) as Inspector Rush | Terry Wright as Det. Con. Waters | Patricia Donahue as Elizabeth Lane | Michael Kitchen as George Newton

13 :02x03 - Kiss Me and Die

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Guest Stars: Raymond Mason as Bill Gurney | Russell Hunter as Old Fred | Stephen Greif as Ben Kroom | Jenny Agutter as Dominie Lanceford | John Atkinson as Ben Hawkes | George Chakiris as Robert Stone | Anton Diffring as Jonathan Lanceford | Peter Elliott (1) as The Emgy | Peggy Sinclair as Miss. Faversham | John Sharpe as Jack Woodbridge | Sue Robinson as Jenny | Barry James as Tom Whidden | Peter Casillas as Jim Stone
Director: John Sichel

14 :02x04 - One Deadly Owner

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Guest Stars: Laurence Payne as John Jacey | Robert Morris (3) as Freddy Green | Donna Mills as Helen Cook | Ray Marioni as Waiter | Eric Lander as Hans | Anthony Dawes as Car Salesman | Jeremy Brett as Peter Tower | Michael Beint as Hawkins | Bob Holness as Announcer
Director: Ian Fordyce

15 :02x05 - Ring Once for Death

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Special Guest Stars: Barry Nelson as Hugo Fane |
Guest Stars: Clare Sutcliffe as Betty | Victor Winding as Det. Sgt. Rainer | Thorley Walters as Dr. Ledworth | Nyree Dawn Porter as Laura | Janet Key as Lisa | Michael Jayston as Roger Masters | Richard Oldfield as Piers Fane

16 :02x06 - K Is for Killing

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Guest Stars: Jean Kent as Mrs. Garrick | Francis Mortimer as Young Man | Stephen Rea as Arden Buckley | Arthur White as Charley Wilson | Sally Miles as Karen Standard | Gayle Hunnicutt as Suzy Buckley | Derek Francis as Shelby Grafton | Gilly Flower as Miss. Cardiff | James Appleby as Brent | Frances Bennett as Mrs. Gale | Julia Breck as Samantha | Shirley Cain as Mrs. Terril | Christopher Cazenove as Sunny Garrick
Director: Peter Moffatt

17 :02x07 - Sign It Death

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Guest Stars: Stuart Nichol as Commissionaire | Sonia Graham as Mrs. Carter | Edward Judd as Bill Lewis | Jeremy Pearce as Sergeant | Moira Redmond as Janice Main | Barry Stanton as Quinn | Lisa Young as Miss. Carter | Jacqueline Tong as Sally | Gerald James as Barnes | Leon Eagles as Mr. Seddon | Sheila Fearn as Prudence Claire | Jimmy Gardner (1) as Caretaker | Patrick Allen as Richard Main | Francesca Annis as Tracy Conway | John Arnatt as Mr. Robinson | Alan Bennion as Mr. Carter | Carmen Blanck as Mrs. Vinkel | James Bate as Detective
Director: Shaun O'Riordan

Series 3

18 :03x01 - A Coffin for the Bride

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Guest Stars: Michael Jayston as Mark Walker | Peter MacKriel as Porter | Helen Mirren as Stella MacKenzie | Hugh Morton as Judge | Tony Steedman as Detective Quilly | Josephine Tewson as Yvonne | Richard Hampton as Sgt. Miles | Michael Gwynn (1) as Oliver Mason | Richard Coleman (1) as Weston | Margaret Courtenay as Claire | Marcia Fox as Connie | Mark Rodbert as Young Lad | Jeffrey Taylor as Warder | Arthur English as Freddy
Director: John Sichel

19 :03x02 - I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill

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Guest Stars: Geoffrey Whitehead as Keston | Susan Tracy as Telephonist | Anthony Steel as Mr. Burton | Julie Sommars as Ann Rogers | Tony Selby as Mark | Robert Oates as Policeman | Robert Lang (1) as The Man | Ken Jones (1) as Sam | Patrick Connor (1) as Freddy | Annette Woollett as Penny | Trisha Hocker as Young Woman | Colin Haig (1) as Messenger Boy
Director: Shaun O'Riordan

20 :03x03 - Death to Sister Mary

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Guest Stars: Jennie Linden as Sister Mary/Penny Stacey | George Maharis as Mark Fields | Norman Mitchell as Security Man | Anthony Newlands as Tony Barton | Robert Powell as Rook | Leigh Lawson (1) as Larry Turner | Joan Haythorne as Mother Superior | Gerry Cowan (1) as TV Director | Maggie Rennie as Housekeeper | Jill Shakespeare as Operator | Windsor Davies as Detective Moore | Derek Fowlds as Dicky

21 :03x04 - In the Steps of a Dead Man

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Guest Stars: Richard Vernon as George Cornfield | Anne Robson as Mrs. Howes | John Nolan (1) as Marty Fuller | Denise Buckley as Sheila Howes | Faith Brook as Betty Cornfield | Christopher Benjamin as Medical Officer | Skye Aubrey as Grace Worth | Derek Anders as Sgt. O'Hara | Robert Marsh as Military Policeman
Director: Shaun O'Riordan

22 :03x05 - Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

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Guest Stars: Colette O'Neil as Alice Lewis | John Line as Davis | Peter Jeffrey as Dexter | Bernard Holley as Paul Eastman | Lynda Day George as Cathy More | John Carson (1) as Arthur Lewis | Kevin Brennan as Parminter | Molly Weir as Miss Pendy | Kathleen Mallory as Jane Howard | Richard Corbet as Reeves
Director: John Sichel

23 :03x06 - The Next Scream You Hear

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Guest Stars: Hans Meyer as Karl Vorster | Suzanne Neve as Blonde | Richard Todd as George Tulliver | Frank Wylie as Hendry | Dinsdale Landen as Matthew Earp | Simon Merrick as Doctor | Edward Hardwicke as Gifford | Christopher George (1) as Bernard Peel | Belinda Mayne as Boutique Assistant | Andrew Mann as Garfield | Marion Diamond (1) as Jennifer Peel | Derek Bond as Maycroft

Series 4

24 :04x01 - Screamer

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Guest Stars: Peter Howell (2) as Ward | Wolfe Morris as Balsam | Jim Norton (2) as The Man | Derek Smith as Inspector Charles | Carinthia West as Policewoman | Michael Hall (1) as Doctor | Pamela Franklin as Nicola Stevens | Stephen Bateman as Stationmaster | Kay Frances (1) as Virna Holt | Donal McCann as Jeff Holt | Ambrosine Phillpotts as Lady | Harry Walker as Sergeant
Director: Shaun O'Riordan

25 :04x02 - Nurse Will Make It Better

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Guest Stars: John Rapley as Dr. Ward | Patrick Troughton as Lyall | Michael Culver as Simons Burns | Cec Linder as Edgar Harrow | Ed Bishop as Carson | Diana Dors as Bessy Morne | Andrea Marcovicci as Ruth Harrow | Wendy Williams as Mrs. Fuller | Alan Wilson (2) as Mr. Fuller | Tiffany Kinney as Susy Harrow | Linda Liles as Charley Harrow
Director: Shaun O'Riordan

26 :04x03 - Night Is the Time for Killing

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Guest Stars: Robert MacLeod (1) as Henry Marlow | Jacki Piper as Bride | Duncan Preston as Groom | Reg Pritchard as Attendant | James Smillie as Bob Malory | Alister Williamson as Barkly | Milos Kirek as Ivan Malov | Charles Gray (1) as Hilary Vance | Bill Horsley as Waiter | Anthony Nash as General | Jeffry Wickham as Parker | Edward Burnham (1) as Minister | Aimée Delamain as Penelope | Judy Geeson as Helen Marlowe
Director: John Cooper (2)

27 :04x04 - Killer with Two Faces

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Guest Stars: Hazel McBride as Nurse | Roddy McMillan as Inspector Fillory | Donna Mills as Patty Heron | Robin Parkinson as Mr. Holland | Christine Shaw as Woman | Seretta Wilson as Sara | David Lodge (1) as Bradley | Ian Hendry as Terry & Bob Spelling | Jonathan Dennis (1) as Intern | Susan Dury as Jenny | Susannah MacMillan as Dorothy | John Saunders (2) as Man | Ralph Ball as Dr. Styles | James Greene (1) as Policeman

28 :04x05 - A Killer in Every Corner

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Guest Stars: Max Wall as Kesselheim | Peter Settelen as Tim | Joanna Pettet as Sylvia | Petra Markham as Helga | Patrick Magee (1) as Professor Carnaby | Eric Flynn as Slattery | Don Henderson (2) as Boz

29 :04x06 - Where the Action Is

A professional card player is drugged by a beautiful and comely woman after leaving a casino. Still numb he 's driven to a mysterious manor where a shady man, who bluffs about being the best card player in the world, rules over. But first he must defeat Eddie Vallance.
Guest Stars: Frank Coda as Pursell | Ray Marioni as Croupier | Larry Cross as Tommy Vaughan | George Innes as Zac | Trevor Baxter as Winters | James Berwick as 'Daddy' Burns | Suzanna Williams as Maid | Oliver MacGreevy as Henry | Ingrid Pitt as Ilse | Edd Byrnes as Eddie Vallance
Director: Don Leaver

Series 5

30 :05x01 - If It's a Man - Hang Up!

Famed model Susan Martin is receiving constant phone calls from an anonymous man who tells he's her admirer. Because of the persistence of calls and the man's tone of voice, Susan decides to call the police. But her action prompts the man to take action.
Guest Stars: David Gwillim as Henry Venner | Gerald Harper as Greg Miles | Sue Holderness as Betty | Carol Lynley as Suzy Martin | Beatrice Shaw as Old Lady | Michael Cronin as Advertising Man | Tom Conti as Bruno Varella | John Cater as Murchison | Michael Byrne (1) as Richard Lovell | Paul Angelis as Terry Cleeves | Colin Etherington as Peter Marnley | Michael Chamberlain as Young Policeman | Jo Beadle as Girl Friday
Director: Shaun O'Riordan

31 :05x02 - The Double Kill

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Guest Stars: Norman Mitchell as Man in Pub | Gordon Salkilld as Fingerprint Man | Michael Stainton as Brent | James Villiers as Paul | Stuart Wilson (2) as Max Burns | Penelope Horner as Clorissa Briant | John Flanagan as Michael Player | Paul Nicholson as Man in Pub (2) | Peter Bowles as Superintedent Lucas | Gary Collins as Hugh Briant | Griffith Davies as Burglar | Hilda Fenemore as Mrs. Harper
Director: Ian Fordyce

32 :05x03 - Won't Write Home, Mom--I'm Dead

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Guest Stars: Anabel Littledale as Helen | Oliver Tobias as Alan Smerdon | Norman Scace as Cashier | Sarah Porter (1) as Emma | Diana Patrick as Jody | Lesley North as Janet Sadler | Suzanne Neve as Beryl | Christopher Malcolm as Hank | Pamela Franklin as Abigail Stevens | Ian Bannen as Frank | Dallas Adams as Douglas Sadler
Director: James Ormerod

33 :05x04 - The Crazy Kill

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Guest Stars: David Horovitch as Tredgett | Claire Nielson as Hilary | Ken Parry as Taxi Driver | Mark Wing-Davey as Cater | Robert Lindsay as Policeman at roadblock | Brian Haines as Inspector | Denholm Elliott as Dr. Frank Henson | Tandy Cronyn as Tracy Loxton | Dennis Chinnery as Sergeant | Alan Browning as Superintendent Brook | John Moreno as Filton | Anthony Valentine as Garard
Director: Dennis Vance

34 :05x05 - Good Salary--Prospects--Free Coffin

Helen Terry answers the same want ad for a job that her two missing roommates did.
Guest Stars: Susan Dury as Babs Bryant | Julian Glover as Gifford | James Greene (1) as Constable Breck | Karl Held as Security Guard | James Maxwell as Carter | Martin Read as Timothy Bryant | Annette Woollett as Wendy Two | Kim Darby as Helen | Norman Chancer as Police Driver | Bruce Boa as Hanley | Julie Crosthwaite as Tall Blonde | Janine Faye as Wendy Phillips | Gillian Hawser as Babs Two | Peter Hill as Filing Clerk | Christina Palmer as Helen Two | John Abineri as Inspector Bruff | Keith Barron as Charley

35 :05x06 - The Next Voice You See

An American jazz pianist, blinded in a bank robbery ten years earlier, makes his first return appearance in England where he believes he hears the voice of the gunman who cost him his sight.
Guest Stars: Ian Redford as James Townsend | Catherine Schell as Julie | Terence Sewards as Alan Richards | Ray Smith as Ben Tamplin | Hedger Wallace as Party Guest | William Wilde as Party Guest | John Forbes-Robertson (1) as Dr. Mace | Celia Foxe as Party Guest | Roger Mutton as Jeremy | Eilian Wyn as Party Guest | Holly Palance as Susie Kay | John Oxley as Robert Carroll | Geoffrey Chater as Sir Peter Hastings | Rachel Davies (1) as Nancy | Bradford Dillman as Stan Kay | Peter Geddis as Jameson | Paddy Glynn as Party Guest | Neil Hallett as John Pelham | Nigel Havers as Ludovic Bates | Anthea Holloway as Party Guest | Robert Lankesheer as Foster | Annette Lynton as Claudia Hastings
Director: Robert Tronson

36 :05x07 - Murder Motel

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Guest Stars: Allan McClelland as Lee | Gillian McCutcheon as Janice Freeman | Robyn Millan as Kathy | Lynne Miller as Young Woman | Anne Rutter as Helen Spencer | Adrian Shergold as Young Man | June Watson as Petra | Peter MacKriel as Mr. Taylor | Edward Judd as Charles Burns | Patrick Tull as Terry | Keith Anderson (1) as Auditor | Ralph Bates as Michael Spencer | Derek Francis as Sam | John Hallam as Roscoe | Paul Humpoletz as Osgood | Patrick Jordan as Inspector Turner

Series 6

37 :06x01 - Sleepwalker

A young woman who endures nightmares and is suffering from somnambulism, gets up every night and walks along the roof of his house and through a gallery overlooking the interior of a room. Inside the room, she can see a man who is lying on a Bible. The man seems to be dead and along the room there strolls a young man dressed in the custom of the 18th century, who seems to look for something in the room. One day walking down the streets of London, the young lady believes he has spotted the young man of his nightmare reflected in the pane of a shop window.
Guest Stars: Ian Redford as Barnstaple | Michael Kitchen as Ian | Desmond Jordan as Telson | Elaine Donnelly as Esme | John Challis as Peter | Darleen Carr as Katy Summers | Robert Beatty as Dan Summers | George Herbert as Pearson | Basil Lord as Parsons | Eileen Peel as Suzy | Harry Webster as Hopcroft | Jane Williams as Louise
Director: Alan Gibson

38 :06x02 - The Next Victim

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Guest Stars: Ian Gelder as Small | Paul Haley as Doctor | Sally Harrison as Joyce | Maurice Kaufmann as Derek Marshall | Ronald Lacey as Bartlett | Max Mason as Tom Packer | T.P. McKenna as Frampton | Dorothea Phillips as Mrs. Firth-Benham | Martin Fisk as Mr. Sheldon | Brenda Cavendish as Betty | Martin Benson (1) as Spiros Lemke | Patsy Dermott as Barbara | Alan Gerrard as Mr. Firth-Benham | Felicity Harrison as Mrs. Adams | Margo Reid as Laura Lemke | Anita Sharp-Bolster as Mrs. Bluther | Andrea Allan as Janet Cunningham | Carroll Baker as Sandy Marshall | Harold Bennett (1) as Blind Man
Director: Phil Ormerod

39 :06x03 - Nightmare for a Nightingale

While on the summit of her career, an opera prima donna decides to marry an American diplomat. The problem occurs when her ex-husband, a failure and a bore, reappears in her life after an 11-year absence.
Guest Stars: Susan Flannery as Anna Cartell | Stephen Greif as Tramp | Peter Hill as Purvell | Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Giles Turner | Sydney Tafler as Sam Meadows | Anthony Dawes as Doctor | Stuart Damon as Hal Bridie | Charles Cork as Stagehand | Keith Baxter (2) as Tony Risanti | Gita Denise as Marie | Michael Dickinson as Reporter | Mike Klusey as Reporter | Edwin Brown (1) as Theatre Manager
Songs: Teresa Cahill -- Anna, Richard Lewis -- Tony

40 :06x04 - Dial a Deadly Number

A broke, out-of-work actor poses as a psychiatrist to collect fees from a woman tormented by dreams in which she murders.
Guest Stars: Richard Warner as Baxter | Peter Schofield as O'Hara | Beth Morris as Sally Kirby | Linda Liles as Ann Curry | Charles Lamb as Caretaker | Cavan Kendall as Tim Foster | Gemma Jones as Helen Curry | Gary Collins as Dave Adams | Dennis Blanch as Paul Kirby
Director: Ian Fordyce

41 :06x05 - Kill Two Birds

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Guest Stars: Bunny May as Freddie | Donald Morley as Dexter | Dawn Perllman as Hairdresser | Granville Saxton as Farrow | Dudley Sutton as Gadder | Stephen Yardley as Tosher | William Hoyland as Turner | Bob Hoskins as Sammy Draper | Susan Hampshire as Sally | Rita Giovannini as Carrie Draper | John Bailey (1) as Kemp | David Daker as Charlie Draper | Gabrielle Drake as Tracy | Christopher Ellison as Denver | John Flanagan as Wilson
Director: Robert Tronson

42 :06x06 - A Midsummer Nightmare

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Guest Stars: John Ruddock as Williams | Norman Rodway as Peter Ingram | Joanna Pettet as Judy Baxter | Anthony Pedley as Charley Spencer | Freddie Jones (1) as Arnold Tully | Alison Glennie as Annabella Tully | Brian Blessed as Det. Sgt. Briggs | Tony Anholt as Johnny Baxter | Elsie Randolph as Mrs. Fitch | Thom Delaney as Detective
Director: Don Leaver

43 :06x07 - Death in Deep Water

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Guest Stars: Philip Stone as Burton | Lawrence James as Police Inspector | John Gatrell as Butler | Suzan Farmer as Gilly | Bradford Dillman as Gary Stevens | Ian Bannen as Doonan | Anna Marshal as Hotel receptionist | Diana Weston as Helen Wiles
Director: James Ormerod
Warning: Thriller (UK) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 65 Minutes
Premiere: April 14, 1973
Ended: May 22, 1976
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