Thriller (US)

Thriller (US)

Thriller (a.k.a. Boris Karloff's Thriller) was an hour-long horror and suspense anthology series that aired on NBC for two seasons from 1960 until 1962. Legendary horror icon Boris Karloff hosted the series and appeared in a few of its episodes. Some of the episodes were divided into two different stories and a few ventured outside the horror genre to offer more traditional "thrillers" that dealt with crime drama.

Episode Info

Final: 2x30 -- The Specialists (Apr/30/1962)

Boris KarloffBoris Karloff
As Host
Boris KarloffBoris Karloff
As Host

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recap: A wax museum owner, Pierre Jacquelin, shows off an exhibit of a husband killing his wife. He then takes the visitors to the next exhibit, but a young woman jumps and tells her boyfriend Ronnie that she saw a figure of a hanged man move. Pierre assures her that they can’t move and explains that he is the one who modeled them. The next exhibit features an axe murderer, Vardak, arrested by the police. A woman, Irene Coulter, does a sketch of the statue and Pierre points out the figure’s clubfoot... read more.

2x2: Guillotine recap: In France in 1875, a team of workers led by Monsieur de Paris prepare the guillotine for execution. The executioner confirms that it easily drops with the touch of a foot to the lever. Next they test its sharpness on a cabbage, cutting it clean through... read more.

1x36: Pigeons from Hell recap: Two brothers, Tim and John Branner, are driving through the Louisiana swamps when their car gets stuck in mud. John tells his young brother Tim to find a pole to leverage them out, but Tim refuses and John goes looking. As he picks up a large branch, he hears an unearthly squealing noise and goes to investigate. He finds a Southern plantation house with large numbers of pigeons on the front yard. John approaches the manor and the same noise echoes out. The pigeon fly at his face, blinding him, and John yells for Tim to come. When his brother arrives, John insists that the pigeons deliberately attacked him. Tim starts to go into the manor and John hesitates, and then follows him in... read more.

1x31: A Good Imagination recap: Randy Hagen is sleeping in his bed when a loud bang wakes him up. He goes to investigate and finds his apartment in disarray. He demands that the intruder reveals himself, and then asks if it’s Louise. Book dealer Frank Logan looks up and informs Hagen that he is Louise's wife. He expresses his admiration for Hagen's book collection, and then accuses Hagen of stealing his wife. Hagen denies it and asked how Frank got in, and Frank shows him the key that he took from Louise that she used to meet Hagen. When Hagen asks what he wants, Frank points out that he's wearing gloves, and it will appear that burglars broke in and killed Hagen. The book dealer reaches into his jacket and takes a battle axe from the display on Frank's wall. Hagen tries to dial the operator, but Frank has cut the line. Frank follows Hagen into the bedroom and kills him, and then calmly steps out, removes his gloves, chuckles over one of Hagen's books, and leaves. The book is Crime and Punishment... read more.

1x29: The Devil's Ticket recap: A pawnbroker, Mr. Spengler, counts his money at the counter but realizes that it’s close to sundown. He closes the windows and hopes that “he” will think that the shop is closed. However, the bell rings and the pawnbroker reluctantly opens the door. There’s no one outside, but Spengler realizes that a cat pulled at the pull. Spengler brings it in but vows that no one else will come in and locks the door... read more.
Recurring Guests

Richard Peel as Justin (8 eps)
Paul Newlan as Paul Hawkins (8 eps)
Peter Brocco as Majordomo (7 eps)
David Frankham as Proctor (7 eps)
Henry Daniell as Dirk Van Prinn (7 eps)
Richard Reeves as Patrolman (6 eps)
Alan Napier as The Lawyer (6 eps)
Doris Lloyd as Mrs. Evans (6 eps)
Ken Lynch as Joe Thorp (6 eps)
Ronald Howard as Robert Penrose (6 eps)

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Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Anthology, Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1960
Ended: September 10, 1962
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